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  1. Ahah thanks, you deserve a first! Thats where the changes might help, an economy based on players activities is something that I want to push. I mean every player will have to choose their way of life, which will enforce the RP feeling. Example: I'm Kevin and I want to be a professional dickhead so I choose to be a rebel (no no pls don't throw tomatoes at me). I'll have rebel activities, specific spec and perks, things that civilians or cops can't have and can't do. Other example: I'm Kevin (again?) and I want to dick around, jobless. But I want to do illegal things like drugs, weapons trafficking, and other bad things. It's up to you in the end. No more licenses to buy (I mean jobs licenses), you'll have to choose from a panel of jobs and stick to this (primary job/secondary job, like in a MMO in fact). Once again this is to enforce the RP feeling and the uniqueness of every player entity.
  2. Yeah I totally agree on this point. Actually the system get rid of the players corpses as well as their stuff because ppl can dupe (and also for server performance).
  3. Thanks for your constructive argumentation guys. I'm here to bring a second youth to this community, I would like to clarify some things so let's discuss some points: 1/ Like in every game there are things that CAN'T be done for a couple of reasons which are the following: Game engine limitations Scripting limitations (commands, language etc...) Server limitations Dev knowledge And probably other things that I can't think of right now... 2/ More Moves (Jonasp suggestion) isn't possible because we are basically limited to what the game can offer in terms of animations right now. The only way to have more "moves" would be to make an addOn thus having a guy who knows how to make animations out of the A3 engine. 3/ Civilian lack of interest: I talked to MrGW about some nice ideas that I have which implies big changes (presidential election, complete crafting feature, toggleable events, building menu, factories, players shops, character panel, talents, HUD/Y-Menu rework, Interaction menu rework and so on...). This will be a LOT of work so I guess you guys could appreciate the effort. This is a common problem on every altis life server, the thing would be to have more feedback from them directly. Last point: If you think nothing will ever happen, why do you even reply to this thread? We can't implement everything just because someone asked for it, there are choices to be made and this is our responsibility. I have a different point of view and that's why am asking you guys where you want us to go for a better future. PS: Thanks to Jonasp and Hysteria for their feedback, I've read everything that you posted.
  4. This is what bothers us the most, we wanna make things for civilians to restore the balance of forces, thats why we need your feedback/ideas/whatever/blah.
  5. Thanks, Mr GW told me that your ideas have been reviewed, I'll update my post with your suggestions.
  6. Hi guys This is the main topic which consists in centralizing your ideas, possible improvements, or whatever is related to the actual server performance/gameplay etc... Thanks *Non exhaustive list* -- UI -- Y-Menu rework HUD rework Interaction Menu rework -- Gangs -- Gang housing Gang wars -- Jobs/Economy -- Factories Crafting Auction house Players controlled shops Building menu -- Gameplay -- Paintball Arena -- Events -- ​Shipwrecks Airdrop Presidential election -- Character -- Talent system Character panel -- Suggestions -- Remove restrain requirement when removing player's licenses DLC items Impound lot Custom jail time Market system improvements Drag dead bodies Improve/New Dynamic Market system * Please be concise and precise*
  7. Thanks for the ideas, numbers 2 & 3 are done already (next update). I know how it feels, thanks for the feedback. There are possibilities that I can think of right now, let's make a "Post your ideas" thread. EDIT:
  8. Hi community, Well I have discussed with Mr GW and he's worried about the future of this community, he wants the best for you and to make big things happen we need to know where you want us to go, in what direction should we spend our resources. This is a very important thing for us as you are the key to success. So here's a little poll. Note for everyone that we already are working on new things to come very soon Regards, PeePee. PS: This is an open thread, please try to write in english, thanks.
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    @Mr GayWelsh Oh you like me? Let's adopt a baby!
  10. Ppgtjmad


    Hi ladies and gentlemen (are there even any ladies over here?), Who am I? A 25 yrs old boy named Josh from Australia who fucked his entire life up and knows nothing but coding. Satisfied? What am I doing here? Well someone (a guy named MrGayWelsh) asked me to lay a hand (or two) so here I am. What am I doing for a living? I'm a crop circle engineer as well as a honorary cereal killer. I guess that's all, am not good at introducing myself... Better ask me and if I care I will answer. Cheers, Kisses. EDIT: Sweden won the eurovision thanks to a shitty song
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