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  1. Reed O'Brian

    [Ban request] Alexander

    Alexander is my brother, and he is a douchebag who ruins my time on the server. i think the admins can look into his ID and see what hes done, also Ask Blueman he can confirm he got killed by him. Also i dont want my brother to get me banned for something he is doing. Last time he got me banned for 3 days.. since its ip ban and not ID.
  2. Reed O'Brian

    [Ban request] Alexander

    Request Information Name: Reed O'Brian Offender-Name: Alexander Date: 2015-04-05 Reason: This is my brother and he is ruining the game for me since hes joining and killing people without care and its getting me banned aswell so please could u ID ban him so i can continue playing on this awesome server. Ps. Its the same guy who killed Blueman and got me banned for 3 days.
  3. Reed O'Brian

    [Ban appeal] Reed O'Brian

    Appeal Information Name: Reed O'Brian Date: 2015-04-01 Reason: I havent played on the server for atleast 3 days and now when i was gonna play with my friend i got kicked when i joined and it said i was banned for 3 days for RDM and killing a medic and i have not even done that, i havnt killed a single person since i started playing on the server. i would want my ban removed.

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