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  1. Hva med lavo? :(((((((((((((( jk HA DET BRA HUSTLE <33
  2. There is a pretty good reason i combatlogged... Im not the type that does so and i VERY rarely do it out of rage, but your ''Scrub Club'' gets on everyones nerves, we try to have a fun time and I try to RP on a RP-based server. I've been on this server since around August 2014, but left for a pretty long time since i thought the RP was getting worse. Now it's just insane and im at the edge of leaving the server for good. Your gang is litteraly the filth of the the whole community and i dont understand why you even chose a RP server to play on in the first place. True, it wasn't OK for me to Combatlogg. If it was a proper Combat-scenario where both the APD and SC had fired lethal shots i wouldn't have combatlogged, but when you shoot me and Hustle down after i fired a couple of tazer shots towards Lallish which was driving circles around us in a Police hatchback??? To me you are doing everything that's possible to avoid RP and get your beloved gear. The most unbelieveable thing to me is how immature you are. Yesterday i had decent RP with you in Sofia, where I let you go after only taking your Policevest and Silencer, letting you leave with Rebel clothes and a Katiba. And now youre putting up a banrequest on me because you didnt get to loot my Rangemaster belt and taser? http://imgur.com/uhSZ0k8 http://imgur.com/UGgctIK Here's Hustles view of the Situation> http://cvgaming.net/topic/5236-ban-request-sc-lallish/
  3. As a Police Officer; the first logical thing to do when you see a deadly firearm lying around, is pick it up so that you can make sure it doesnt end up in the wrong peoples hands. That was the only thing i tried to pick up, and in addition it was an illegal firearm. You can clearly see that it's the faction APD landing, and you even stated it yourself at 25.40 into the video you provided. I understand that you thought you could kill me since i ''looted'' your friend. The only reason i ''looted'' him was to get the weapon off the ground and then get the Medic to revive him. I have looked through the rules once more just to make sure, and i didnt find a single post that says you are allowed to kill APD even though they are picking up items from the ground that belong to you/your gangmates. If it already was a firefight between the UFL and the APD, then i would have understood that you killed me, but since we just landed in the scene of an accident i dont think it's OK that you kill me before engaging, or telling me not to pick up your friend's stuff. Hazz and Lian, please take your issue somewhere else. This ban request doesnt involve any of you. I am kind of regretting that i posted this ban request, since i totally understand your point of view Emin, but when two times in one day, where you were the one to kill me without any engage i hope you also understand why i get mad as a player. It really ruins the fun in this game when you get ''RDM'd''. However- if you were to apologize to me i will gladly drop this Ban req. Lavoshkin//
  4. Im just out patrolling and we arrest a guy at cocaine processing. As we are there we also get a message about a situation in the Death Curve, close to Agios. We make our way there, and the first thing i see is a fully automatic weapon lying on the ground. The first thing i think is to pick it up the way that no other civillian in the area gets their hands on it. As i proceed to pick it up i get shot in the head by Emin. He said absolutely nothing in advance before he kills me. After that NorreN tries to tell him that he RDM'd me, and that we could talk it out there, but Emin decides to kill NorreN also. http://www.twitch.tv/lavoshkin/v/20083632 The exact same thing happend earlier to me today, Emin ran up to me and killed me while APD was in a firefight with SC. When that happend i didnt want to carry it further and make a ban req on him, since i thought he was a nice guy. But now it has happend twice on the same day and i've tried to talk to him instead of making this request, but he doesn't seem to understand what he did wrong. (The reason why NorreN says that they still had KoS on us was because U.F.L robbed us around 20 min ago close to copper mine, and yes i said wrong about the KoS rule)
  5. Lavoshkin


    This ban req is also of the pointless sort.. You pick on the smallest things just to get people you don't like banned. Anyways you can even tell from the screenshots that i didnt ALT F4. My power went out because we're fixing stuff with the electricity at home. That's something i can't control if the power suddenly goes out. I dont really know what makes you think this would go through, as im not a combatlogger, and you only have proof of one incident that happened today... Im guessing you're heavily salted with some pepper on top or something to actually take time to make this ban req. http://imgur.com/QqJLAdA
  6. Well you're obviously seeking attention and following them which just motivates them to ''troll'' more. Be the bigger man and take your leave from theese guys... Pointless. FailFish
  7. Personally i think the VDM rule shouldn't apply anymore. Bohemia removed damage on the fueltank in a recent patch. Vehicles won't explode from bullets nor ramming. The VDM rule was there basically just because vehicles would explode really easily from just the slightest touch. Therefore i see no harm in them doing a pit-maneuver to bring the vehicle to a stop. They used sirens and lights afterall. (If a vehicle actually explodes it's because of heavy de-sync. #arma)
  8. Exactly, BigMac came back with his gangmembers after we had already engaged on him, so that they could kill us..
  9. You don't even show the part where i engage on you? And all your friends got a 2x refund just because im nice and i didnt want trouble. I CANNOT provide refund for you, because i didnt pick up any of your gear. There is no way we did anything wrong, but you, however, you're editing footage and clipping out certain parts which only sets us in the bad lighting. We've gotten some info about you also which we would like to take with an admin. If you want this ban req to go through, i highly suggest you put up a longer video. (but that would show we didnt do anything wrong right??)
  10. It's not ''unnecessary'' when everyone from the APD agrees that this behaviour is not OK and should be punished. And Feroz, i never said that noone from the Police Force says anything stupid once in a while, but i said that I, MYSELF, make sure i dont say shit to people. Atleast i try to act professional when this stuff happen.
  11. Dude... Why are you lying? I wouldnt say anything offensive because i know it's agianst the rules and because as a cop i should think about what i say and do. So please stop throwing shit at me that isnt true... I didnt say anything about you and i didnt offend you in any way. You're the one that had to throw in the ''Fuckface'' comment before you disconnected. I didnt plan posting this either, but alot of the others from APD wanted you banned. Now however i dont regret posting ban req on you.
  12. Can i have proof? Im 100% sure i never said anything to offend you. I asked you a couple of questions and told you i didnt want to talk. Please dont lie dude.
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