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  1. You can claim that all the other players can hear you, but in the clip you submitted, you can clearly tell that your arma volume is really low, and that you have TS or Discord turned up pretty high. At least higher than arma, which may be causing you to not hear the engage correctly.
  2. You don't have high volume at all, stop lying.
  3. Yeah, it's not really our fault if you have your Arma volume on like 5%, that's your own problem.
  4. So, if you can't loot cops, what's the point of fighting them? Many gangs fight the cops just to get the loot like weapons and armour. Why shouldn't we be able to do that? Why should we only be able to buy guns like the cops use from the rebels? I think this is bullshit if this is going to me implemented to the server! I don't want anyone saying that everyone will be running around with 6.5mm weapons, like it's a bad thing, because it will happen anyway because people will be buying them and selling them. It just goes faster if we can loot the cops, so that doesn't matter at all. And why are you removing supressors? They're a major advantage if you're sniping / trying to be quiet. Try to snipe with a un-supressed weapon and see how long it takes for someone to be on your ass. I guess I understand why you are doing it, because you don't want people sitting in the same spot all the time (I don't like that either), but come on, removing supressors is just a bad idea. Atleast keep them for the 5.56mm if you're going to remove them. Otherwise this looks really promising and I really look forward to the server opening again, I've missed the server alot!
  5. Xymz so are you. You are saying "Oh come outside sz and we can talk" etc, etc. Don't blame anyone else for something that you do aswell.
  6. Jag vet inte varför jag inte hörde, men man hör ju en röst som är jättelåg.
  7. Har inte mutat er, man har en röst men det går absolut inte att höra vad personen säger.
  8. Name: [TSAR] Gustav Offender-Name: [GG] -gABRIEL Date: 2017-03-22 Någonstans mellan 14:30 och 15:00 Which rule(s) were broken: RDM Additional information: So basically, I was getting chased by GG. There were 2 guys on foot and 1 in a hatchback I belive. Then they apparantly "engage" me, but I was unable to hear the engage as you will see in the video below. Here is the video!
  9. Runt vilken tid var huset köpt? ( Var det ditt första/mellersta/sista hus?) Mellersta (Det som ligger i Negades) och det längst ner (Det som ligger i Athira) Hur mycket kostade huset? Husen kostade 1.5 var. Har du gear i huset nu? (Ta helst bort allt gear innan ni ber mig ta bort erat hus) Har bara lite småskit i ett av dem, spelar ingen roll om ni tar bort det. Arma 3 ID: 76561197977736539
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