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  1. Kinesen (me) pilot, G.börjesson passenger, Sebbe passenger, Sjöberg passenger, Eggis passenger, Krea passenger
  2. The thing is, this gang was founded today, like 8h ago. Besides we haven't killed you more than once today.
  3. I would like to plead my innocent in this ban request. I was the pilot, i were only following orders. I was told that messages were sent long before they opened fire, nor do i know who was the gunman since i everyone was wearing a mask. I am truly sorry for my gangs actions and i will arrange a meeting asap to go over the rules and methods of engagement. //Leader of Kartellen (Kinesen)
  4. -

  5. Patch 5.4

    Create Vehicle Restriction #1 är tbks igen man får bara kicken om man aktiverar lasern i medics strider. Problemet löst!
  6. Patch 5.4

    Äntligen! Grattis till Admin!
  7. söker till medic (:

    Vi har inte sett den rp vi vill från dig men du är välkommen att ansöka igen om 2 veckor DENIED
  8. Medic Application "Alversite" [[RG]Alversite]

    Hi, Please contact me (RakiTaki) or Linus L on teamspeak. ON HOLD
  9. Medic Application "EIER" [EIER]

    Hi, please contact me (RakiTaki) or Linus L on Teamspeak. Accepted
  10. söker till medic (:

    Hi, please contact me (RakiTaki) or Linus.L on Teamspeak! ON HOLD
  11. Medic Application Eggis , [O.D.P] Eggis

  12. Medic Application Eggis , [O.D.P] Eggis

    Hi, please contact me (RakiTaki) or Linus.L on Teamspeak! ON HOLD
  13. -

  14. -


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