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Ban request - Mehmot &

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   Request Information

        Name M. Humle

        Offender-Name[BKG] Mehmot (CyrusJR) and [BKG] Joaquìn Gusmán

        Date: 2019-01-10 ~ 17:00 

        Which rule(s) were broken:

Evidence tampering and organised scamming - [BKG] Mehmot (CyrusJR)

Scamming & changing price after purchase - [BKG] Joaquìn Gusmán

        Additional information: 

I (Humle) was going to buy a lvl 3 vest from [BKG] Joaquìn Gusmán and we agreed on a price of 1 million. Then after Gusman took the vest from his house he came to me and we agreed again on 1 million. I paid him the money and he didnt drop the vest. He said the price was 1.4 million. I gave him the 400 000 dollar more becuase he didnt want to give me refund of the million that i gave him first. Then when Gusman dropped the vest his friend [BKG] Mehmot (CyrusJR) took the vest immediately and i didnt have a chance to pick it up or to ask him to put in to my car.

After that i get really mad and start knocking him down and tell him to drop the vest or ill keep knocking him. He doesnt want to drop the vest until later in the video where he drops the vest in the middle of the airport and screams "the first one to pick it up keeps it" i pick it up first luckely and now i get a banrequest where mehmot cut out the important part where he doesnt drop the vest or where he steals it. 

Things i want to happen: 

BKG nearly gets a banrequest daily, they keep destroying the fun of arma. They are heavy dupers and should be banned as soon there is evidence. I would like them to get a ban for this scamming and trolling. I DONT WANT A REFUND FOR MY 400K I JUST WANT THEM BANNED. they bring nothing new or good to the server, they troll and take every chance to break the rules if they know they can get away with it. Please feel free to ban them. I swear alot and disrespect them, i wont defend my words or the knocking but i got really mad and dissapointed since it takes awhile to farm 1.4 million. I play this game to have fun with friends and i dont want to have to record everything but if i wouldt record this they would have gotten away with it. What if they scam some new player that spent all of his money on this vest, you would loose that player.


VIDEO: https://plays.tv/video/5c376e671ad4852329/bkg


10:10 - Joaquin arrives and we start with the deal. I give him the money.

10:45 - Since we couldnt agree on a price. I ask him for the money back and he says no.

11:00 - Mehmot arrives.

11:35 - I tell him i'll give him 400k more so he doesnt leave with my vest.

11:50 - He drops the vest and Mehmot steals the vest directly. He gave me no chance to tell him to leave it in the car

12:01 - i say "give me the f***ing vest." Mehmot says "I found it on the ground, goodbye."

12:07 - I wait for him to drop the vest if he was joking. He ask me if i want to buy it from him... and i knock him so he doesnt leave with the vest.

13:41 - I give him another chance to drop the vest if he was joking with me.

18:15 - Mehmot tries to give the vest to IS-B Pim and then he says "The one who takes it first gets the vest. Right infront of IS-B Pim"


EDIT: The title is wrong the banrequest is for 

[BKG] Joaquìn Gusmán 

[BKG] Mehmot (CyrusJR)

Edited by MHL

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Tack för att du tog dig tiden att lägga upp allt så man fattar bättre, ska kolla igenom denna noggrant

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du fick västen? + att du spammknockade mig så båda gjorde lika mycket fel. + att du säger "tror att du ej kommer ha något i ditt hus kvar snart" vilket låter extremt konstigt. 


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De är kul att du alltid väljer att ge BKG skulden för allt dåligt som händer på servern, de är även kul att vi i 90% av fallen har rätt. Du slänger falska anklagerser på oss utan bevis. BÖRJA PRESENTERA FAKTA ISTÄLLET FÖR VAD DU TROR.

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Okej, att träffas i en safezone och komma överens om en deal sen springa iväg med sakerna är straight up trolling och inte acceptabelt.

Hur kan ni tycka att erat betéende är okej här? och jag håller med @MHL att om detta sker mot en ny spelare eller någon annan för den delen så kanske de lämnar när dom ser nivån på spelare som er.


Ni har fått flera chanser på er nu och vi har låtit er komma undan med refunds och varningar, detta är sista droppen för mig.

Båda anklagade kommer att få sitta av 4 dagar för Heavy Trolling / Scamming, detta är även min ban och jag kan redan säga nu att alla appeals ni gör under 4 dagar är en auto decline så slösa inte tid, lär er istället att uppföra er på våran server.



Edit: Kommer även refunda MHL's pengar.



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