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Manhunt Friday 20:00 *CLOSED*

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Tomorrow, Friday 20:00 (swedish time)


there will be a Mohawk on the ground at Kavala Air garage, when all players has entered the heli we will fly to the old bandit license island, If you don't know where that is, here you got some pics of this fine tropic island. 

Hunter=Seeker, not the vehicle.







There will be 1-2  Hunters, and the rest will be hunted, we will do a raffle when on place on which players that's going to be hunters.

If the Hunters manage to kill all of the other participants, They win, and then they will share the cash.

If the hunted players wins by either killing the hunters or surviving the game the players alive will share the cash.

Game length - 30 minutes.

1. Do not leave the island !
if you do so you will be disqualified from the event without receiving your money back.


When you're entering the heli, you need to make sure you're completly "fresh" Nothing in your T inventory besides food, no backpack, no hidden gun, NOTHING! we will check everyone before we start. MAP, COMPASS, WATCH IS ALLOWED SINCE YOU SPAWN WITH IT!


Nightvision googles is allowed!


The loot

The Hunter:

Carrier lite
Mx SW w/ ACO Red
x5 100 rounds mags

The Hunted:
x2 first aid kits
One lucky fella' is going to receive a rook-40 with one 30 round mag


Any further questions can be made by contacting Thorsten on teamspeak

See you tonight!

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