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D. Santos Medic app

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What is Your in-game name:
Answer: D. Santos

What is Your Player ID #? (In ARMA main screen go to profilesettings, (select your profile) then press Unit, and change the unit to custom. Now you should see a 17dig number.


Have You read all of the server rules?
Answer: Yes i have.

Have You read all of the paramedic rules?
Answer: Yes i have.

Do You promise to always act in-character and never abuse Your power while playing as a Paramedic?
Answer: Yes i do.

How long have You played on the server(hours)?
Answer: Maybe 1000h.

How long have You played Arma 3 (hours)?
Answer: 1424h.

Have You been a Paramedic earlier?
Answer: Yes i have.

How often do You play on the server and at what time of the day/night? 
Answer: I play everday after school and thats around 16.00 to 22.00. On the weekends i play 24h almost

Why should we picked you as a medic?
Answer: Beacuse iv´e been medic before and i now how to handle the job and role of an medic, and i bring good roleplay with me.

Have You been banned before? If yes what have You been banned for?
Answer: No.

Can You follow orders from a younger person or higher ranked ?
Answer: Yes i can.

What do You think the medic faction would become better with?
Answer: Nothing at the moment.

Can you fly a heli in arma ?
Answer: Yes i can.


Please provide name and background story for Your character applying to the medic (50-100 Words):
Please type here: My character was born on the biutiful island of Malden ever since my father passed away in Cancer ive always wanted to become a doctor too save other peoples lives so they dont have lose someone close to them. When i was about 19 years old i became a medic in the military and fought
 the war in Takistan, but i got injured in my arm so they decided to send me home and after that ive studdied up for becoming an paramedic.

Tell us a little about your self:
Please type here: Hi. My name is Pontus i live in stockholm and i go to school every day and on my free time i most likley play video games (most arma).

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