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Event (weekly): Clip of the week

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Clip of the week

Hosted by: Wazz, Woxxen, Illmeister, Erik Tyrone & J.Brando


Info om tävlingen

Tävlingen går ut på att varje udda vecka kommer det utses en vinnare till eventet "Clip of the week". Klippet som man deltar med kommer vara som ett mini-montage där du visar ca 1-3 minuter utav sjuka kills eller grymt RP. Vinnaren kommer att utses utav alla event promoters. Första vinnaren kommer utses 2017-10-15 och ditt klipp ska vara inskickat senast 2017-10-13.





Hur man deltar

Genom att ladda upp ett 1-3 minuters klipp av ett montage på youtube etc. När klippet är uppladdat till youtube så skall det skickas @Erik Tyrone senast fredagen eftersom att vinnaren utses på söndagen.





Information about the Event

This is a re-occurring competition thats set for every odd week. The point is to announce someone as the winner of "Clip of the Week". The clip will be judged by the Event promoters and a winner will be announced on sunday of that week. Next round of entry is open until FRIDAY 2017-10-13. And a winner will be announced SUNDAY 2017-10-15.





How to participate

Record and upload a 1-3 minute video on youtube etc. and send it to @Erik Tyrone

The video can be of a RP scenario or a fight or anything. that has been recorded by you.


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The best way to send me the entrys is to upload the raw video file to mediafire, then sending the download link to me!

That way the quality stays as good as posible!

Good luck to everyone that has entered so far! :wub::shoot2:

Edited by Erik Tyrone

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