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  1. name= Anders date= 10-15 minutes ago. reason= cheating i am complitely new to cvgaming. I come in to the server i take out exactly 110 K and buy driver license and bought a red hatchback sport and drove to the police HQ and talket with the polis. I drive out and pickes up my friend and we drive down there to HQ again and he died because i crashed. Then the police man M.Bashar restrains me and ask me something if i was hacking, and i answer NO and then suddenly i got perm banned. I played on cvgaming for 10 minutes and i got perm banned from goatis. I have or will never hack so i have no idea why i got perm banned? im still very confused! i dont understand anything. https://gyazo.com/a8e26de5112487dc9d97c23bd73cd929 i dont understand anything??
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