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  2. Hej Rensa CvGaming discorden för det är några som har flera konton t.ex @G. Kasper han har skitmånga värsta slöseri med utrymme Var bara det ha det gött hörs i shoutbox nvm den är borta fan ta tillbaka den hejdå
  3. @DropparN Nej du får ingen ress tyst nu
  4. Hoppas det är det sista för du är fan keff
  5. Hallå! Kan någon ressa mig i dödskurvan?
  6. Hade väl varit lite roligt med lite arma gibb förutsatt att saker och ting är som de ska vara och så va, Men som det ser ut idag som är det fan ingen som spelar även om alla vill
  7. Isåfall ge alla 100 miljoner och kör en ban wipe
  8. Yeaah .. Det blir nog inte av. Vi hade kanske kunnat planera in en helg långt i förväg o startat upp den för 72 timmars spel. Men det krävs en hel del planering för det.
  9. Tycker altis servern ska upp igen saknar den
  10. Kebre


    Hej, vi har haft ”öppet” länge nu på både forum och Discord. Teamspeak har valt att göra om sin licensmodell så det finns ingen licens för ideella verksamheter(non-profit) längre. det betyder att det nu kostar en hel del för att ha en teamspeak-server med fler än 32 slots. tror inte folk är villiga att donera för att ha en teamspeak-server, därav att jag avvecklat servern och hoppas folk håller sig anslutna genom discord.
  11. Cyrusjr


    Tjena har ni ett datum ni siktar på o öppna igen? & Hittar inte er ts3/dc hade varit nice om ni kunde lägga den här under
  12. Macke.


    vafun ha hänt me shoutbox då?
  13. I cant see that we will start a Altis Life server in the near future. Therefore I decided to hide the whole Altis Life section of the forum
  14. What do I need for FPS mining? A Greycat Pyro RYT Multitool and an Ore Bit Mining Attachment. Small resource deposits on planet surfaces or in caves can be extracted with the Pyro RYT Multitool . For this you also need the right attachment, an Ore Bit Mining-Attachement . A few gems will fit into your standard inventory, but not a lot. Therefore I recommend to buy the MacFlex Arms Orange “Rucksack” Core . You can buy the equipment for example at Tammany and Sons in Loreville (Hurston). This increases your inventory significantly, which means longer mining trips and more profit. A backpack completely filled with Hadanite will bring you a full 16,500 aUEC. You should definitely invest in the following for FPS or hand mining: Description Price in aUEC Greycat Pyro RYT Multitool 425 Ore Bit Mining-Attachement 340 MacFlex Arms Orange “Rucksack” Core You have equipped your Pyro RYT Multitool with the Ore Bit Mining-Attachement via the MobiGlas (Equipment)? You bought MacFlex Arms Orange “Backpack” Core? You are on a moon or asteroid and want to loot a Hadanite deposit? Read here how the mining works on foot (in F irst P erson S ight). FPS mining in Star Citizen not only looks damn good, it’s fun too! © S4G / CIG Depth scan via multitool If you pull your multitool with the “4” key (default setting) and then right-click to switch to mining mode and aim for a resource depot, a depth scan will start which will bring you the following information (see green box in the picture below, from bottom to top): Composition Identifies the gemstone or ore you are trying to mine. Mass Specifies the quantity of raw materials to be extracted . For example, the value 0.10 indicates that 10 gems can be expected from this stone. Instability How much the energy feed into the stone is fluctuating is indicated here. The higher the value, the higher fluctuations can occur and the quicker you have to react by changing the energy input. Resistance Indicates how much energy is needed to crack the stone . If about 0.5 is displayed, the energy level of the rock remains constant at about 50%. However, this also depends on the instability of the rock. The box on the right contains all information about the stone and its composition. The arrow at the bottom points to the area with your energy input, the arrow at the left points to the “Green Zone” which the energy level has to reach. © S4G / CIG Mining resource deposits with the Multitool Energy injection via multitool laser When Mining Mode of the Multitool is activated (right click), energy is injected into the stone by clicking left. The right bar in the middle of the display shows you how much energy you are currently pumping into the rock. You increase the energy output using the mouse wheel . “Mouse wheel up” increases the energy output, “Mouse wheel down” reduces it. Unfortunately, you can’t put the energy supply on the HOTAS-Throttle, like with spaceship mining. The left middle bar, the battery indicator, is currently always filled. Later you will have to recharge the tool, probably with batteries. The increase or decrease of energy input via Multitool is done moving the mouse wheel. © S4G / CIG Your goal is to move and keep the white arrow, the energy level, within the sweet spot or the so-called “green zone” on the left side. The green zone is marked by the two lines in the middle. If the energy level is in between, a green bar grows. If it is filled, the rock breaks and reveals its treasures. Sensitivity at the Multitool: Adjustment of the energy feed You can’t really fine-tune the energy input right now, but have to work with forceful turns on the mouse wheel . Note that the higher the Energy Marker rises, the faster it rises. Nevertheless, depending on the instability level, it can be difficult to keep the energy marker in the green zone, as sudden jumps can often occur. You can only counter these with some anticipation by turning the mouse wheel back quickly and strongly just before you expect a new jump in the energy level. If the energy level drops too quickly, you’ll have to turn the mouse wheel back up just as vigorously so that the green bar doesn’t sink too much. Where can I sell raw materials? In Port Olisar, GrimHEX, Levski, Lorville and Area18 you can sell mined resources. Once you’ve reached the maximum of 32 SCUs (see the Cargo Capacity indicator in the middle right corner of the Mining Mode screen) and your backpack is filled with gems, it’s time to sell. You can do this in Port Olisar (Crusader), GrimHEX (Yela), Levski (Delamar), Lorville (Hurston) and Area18 (ArcCorp) using special trading consoles . The admin office in Lorville is located in the Metro Center district. The trading consoles in Area18 can be found in the IO North Tower (directly opposite when you arrive at ArcCorp Plaza). Warning : At the moment there is no possibility to sell mining resources around microTech . The Port Tressler station in microTech’s orbit also has no trading console for mining products. source: https://space4games.com/en/games-en/star-citizen-mining/
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