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  1. This point has been the elephant in the room for so god damn long. One of the biggest reasons for why I could not handle this server was because people who had played for a long time got treated different than others. Even though some people broke the rules in the WORST posible way, they got a warning and got told to stick to the rules, only to continue the circle. Personally I have never been banned ONCE, and I kept it that way for almost 3 years, why cant the rest of the server be like that? I love KOS, I love RP, but for fucks sake, do it right. Another thing that I would like to point out is the wall of rules we have, in my opinion I think they should be adjusted to be more simple. Some rules can cross eachother, some rules can be understood different for everyone and etc. If we could make them simple, yet effective, that would be perfect. I am not saying I am expecting something to be done, I know youre not magicians, but over time. Thank you.
  2. HAHAH will do <3
  3. I did not want to take action without leaving some kind of message, and as you probably have figured out by the title; I am leaving CvGaming today. I have played in the community since late 2014, and I have spent hundreds of hours in this community, and I have to say: I have never stumbled upon a better community than CvGaming. The reasoning behind my decision is just that I have grown tired of gaming in general. I am not having as fun as I used to to, and it is consuming a huge chunk of my life that I no longer want to spend on gaming. I have had a great time in this community and I am really thankful for all the admins, who have done such an amazing job in creating this community. I am sure you guys will come a long way, and I wish you all the best. At last but not least, I would like to thank; Amos Moses - For being a good fellow Norskjävel, and bringing great memes into my life. J.Brando - Same as above, and also for drinking orange juice at parties. R. Castle - For rejecting to talk Swedish at any cost. Bachne - It was hard to think of something you have not done for the community, great work, keep it up Macke - For being some of the most positive, and energetic persons on the server. APD - I want to thank the APD for the chance I got to play there and the good time I had there! Goodbye! -Erik Tyrone
  5. Grattis!
  6. The script is really bugged, and we have been killed inside safezone the entire weekend by people who join to troll :/
  8. +1 for having me in there with the car lmao
  9. I dont see how there could be any other way to explain it, the bullet is set to travel 300 meters so it will shoot slightly upwards and then fall a little til it hits the 300 mark. Here is an AWESOME* drawing of how I THINK it works *Not so awesome to be perfectly honest.. Persons marked with "A" and "B". Length inbetween is aprox 180m 300m mark is marked behind person b. The shot is marked with a bent line over person b which is drawn as a dotted line.
  10. Youre missing the shots at 2:10 because the RCO scope is zeroed at 300 meters, which means you will shoot over him at that close range.