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  1. Inte säker på om detta är mot reglerna, men jag lot GW flyga min heli
  2. Nothing really stops you from putting a DMS on a 6.5 if its in the game
  3. While this is very true, it is always very lowkey routes with a low chance of robbery and a fairly good reward. :=)
  4. Nothing is really rare when there is dupers. Unfortuantly..
  5. Not an admin but I just wanted to share my opinion regarding your post either way. Having logs for every single thing you move out of a container would be an extreme effort to keep track of unless you somehow managed to exclude everyone moving loot out of their own boxes. However, I dont know if buglooting is such a frequent issue that it would be worth making a script dedicated to just this purpose. If it is a script that is easily made and implemented it might be worth it, but I am no coding expert within arma. The kick bug: Good point, not sure if it is serversided or if it is something to do with arma itself. Developers might know better than me here. Farming routes: Legal farming routes has always been a way for new players to make money and are supposed to be "low risk low reward". I agree that they could buff opium and bomb making a little bit, but theyre not too bad actually. If you plan a route and maybe store the processed goods in your house, it might actually be worthwhile. Weed also got introduced this patch, so that will also most likely be a good alternative. Ganghideout: Lets not add more stuff to ganghideout. It is a shop for low end gear, we do not need broken and overpowered gear compared to the rest of the weapons thats already available through killing a highly ranked officers/rebels; in a shop. You can already get this at the crypto blackmarket anyways, just seems like a shortcut if you ask me. Regarding ghilie suit, i think someones mentioned (unsure of who) that they will never come back to CvG. Correct me if I am wrong here! Maybe the trg-21 could go thru though, dont think anyone would have a problem with that.
  6. Requirements to join the Police Department are: Meet the minimum age of 18. ✔ Understand basic server rules. ✔ MUST have a working microphone! ✔ MUST have a good command of the English language. ✔ MUST have a decent understanding of how Roleplaying works. ✔ In-Game Name? : [K] Erik Tyrone, was MK20BOI and ROOKBOI earlier. What is your Player ID #? (In ARMA main screen go to Config/Profiles (select your profile) Then you should see a 17 Digit number) 76561198082196496 Age? : 18 Do you speak both Swedish and English?: Yes Do you have any past experience about being a police officer on this or other servers?: Yes If yes, what servers?: CvGaming Do you have a working microphone?: Yes How long have you played on CvGaming?: 2250+ hrs Have you been banned before?: One day in 2016 or something. Do you promise to always act in-character and never abuse your power while playing as a police officer?: Yes Are you ready to leave your civ gang to become a police officer to avoid conflicts?: Yes Can you follow orders from a younger person?: Yes What qualities do you think a CvGaming Police officer should have that fits you, name at least 5 pieces 1) Good RP 2) Good management of vehicles 3) Able to shoot properly 4) Able to move around tactically 5) The ability to communicate Describe why you would like to play as a police officer?: I had a bunch of fun last time I was in the police force on the server, and I would like to get back into the same thing. Briefly describe the various tasks of a police officer?: Keeping the citizens on the Island of Altis safe through the law. Describe what YOU expect out of your fellow officers?: From fellow officers I expect a group of people that is more experienced in Arma as well as a good time. What is your input on using lethal force?: Only when verbally engaged by a civilian or rebel will lethal force be justified in my eyes. Only exception is if my life is in danger and lethal force can help me. Describe why YOU would be a good addition to the police force?: I feel like I would be a good addition to the police force as I am an experienced player who knows what CvGaming is about. What is your input on respect, loyalty, and rule enforcement?: Treat others like you would like to be treated yourself. Please provide name and a background story for your character applying to the police: (100 words minimum): My name is Erik Tyone, I have always been a citizen of Altis. I was born and raised on this island. I have, since I was a little kid, looked up the police officers roaming the island. A big factor in this might have been the fact that my father was a police officer once, however he was gunned down in an ambush by some scummy lowlife gangsters. I have always sought justice for my father, and this drives my desire to join the force. Tell us a little about yourself! My name is Erik, I am Norwegian and have played on this server for over 4 years now. On free time I usually spend my time on school and working out.
  7. Still pretty precise.
  8. I am no admin nor developer, but here is my 5 cents; It is very good that you post suggestion or ideas for people to see and get inspired, but it is much better if you put some reasoning for why you would like for said thing to be added to the game. Cheers, Erik Tyrone.
  9. As mentioned, I am done with this thread untlil further notice from admins. No reason to keep going, lets agree to disagree. Thank you.
  10. As I just mentioned, your marker is placed at the wrong spot, you have mearly marked "ish" where the zone starts. If you want to put up a ban request on something like this I suggest you to learn where the zone actually starts. As mentioned before, if you even read my reply; it does not start where you marked, it starts before the checkpoint.. I will not accept your refound at this point, and will instead leave this up to the admins to decide. Have a nice day. EDIT: This "500 metres outside the zone- zone" seems to cause some unnecessary troubles, perhaps they should be marked more precisely on the map and with a warning on your screen, or just remove them entirely. It is in my best interest, and probably for all of CvGamings players to keep the game clean, and smooth. Ban requests like these feels like nitpicking. (Just a suggestion, not trying to be rude or anything.)
  11. Hej, MK20BOI här. TS CONVO: <17:40:49> "Stefan": Warzone is an open KOS zone for everyone, 500m outside of the Warzone-Island (Old Rebel Island) is also a KOS zone. (Warzone-Island ends at checkpoint). <17:40:55> "Stefan": https://plays.tv/s/M1ndE_DMqgpi <17:41:21> "Stefan": vill därför ha refound på mina saker <17:41:56> "Erik Tyrone": var absolut nt bakom dig <17:42:18> "Stefan": som du ser på videon så var jag mer än 500meter utanför <17:43:17> "Stefan": vill du att jag lägger ban req? <17:47:23> Chat partner has closed the conversation <17:48:59> "Erik Tyrone": 495m <17:49:06> "Erik Tyrone": just walked down marked where i killed you <17:49:11> "Erik Tyrone": and ran til i got the message <17:49:13> "Stefan": kolla min video <17:49:15> "Erik Tyrone": have it recorded <17:49:20> "Erik Tyrone": you didnt mark exact <17:49:24> "Erik Tyrone": its a matter of 5 metres <17:49:43> "Stefan": yea but i was 570 outside <17:50:17> "Erik Tyrone": the zone does not start inside the red zone of the checkpoint <17:50:22> "Erik Tyrone": it starts before that <17:51:15> "Erik Tyrone": If you really feel like this is worth the fight, feel free to throw up the bannreq <17:51:21> Your chat partner has disconnected. (Jag är inte bra på svenska men jag försöker ?)Jag fösökte berätta för dig at det er exakt 495 från kos-sonen och vart du dog. Her har du en video av mig som markerar EXAKT vart du blev skott från och hur många meter det är til sonen. Jag har inte film på detta men ni hadde också en kille i eran gang som var langt bakom dig som sköt mot oss, så jag fattar verkligen inte varför du tenker en banreq är nödvändigt. Men aja, det är upp til dig. Her är videon:
  12. And yeah, I kept track, and here is the "spike" youre talking about. Its not really a spike. Its just that the server was inactive over summer and the forum was dead. And when it wiped it kind of shot up because people were actually playing again.. It is just about 5 more reports at wipe month compared to the month before the wipe. Which is not bad at all.
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