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  1. To A.P.D L From A.R.A ------------------------------ Fan vad fire
  2. Lagg spikes...

    Hey, I had a simular problem and the solution was turning off shadowplay if you have that enabled! The thing with my shadowplay was that for some reason if I got restrained or put my hands up I would get 30 FPS or lower. Also, my shadowplay would switch screens constantly, so it would enable and disable itself all the time giving me huge lagspikes. This started happening some weeks ago after a driver update.
  3. Farming

    Pretty sure its HEMTT, then to the right it is the price if the HEMTT is 100% filled with processed items. Not 100% sure though.
  4. Event: 3v3 PvP turnering 4/11 20:00

    Se till att personen ni engagear, har tid till att reagera! - A.Almkvist - CvG profile: https://cvgaming.net/profile/2981-aalmkvist/ - Obbe - CvG profile: https://cvgaming.net/profile/2138-obbe/ - Erik Tyrone - CvG profile: https://cvgaming.net/profile/2293-erik-tyrone/
  5. Event: Flytten 01/11 20:00

    KOS: Kill on sight Rule is not restricted, everyone is at risk.
  6. Event: Flytten 01/11 20:00

    Would make sense that the A.P.D would like to confiscate the items, however @illmeister would have to clarify this.
  7. Erik Tyrone

    What is Your in-game and forum name?: Answer: Erik Tyrone What is Your Player ID #? (In ARMA main screen go to profilesettings, (select your profile) then press Unit, and change the unit to custom. Now you should see a 17dig number. Answer: 76561198082196496 Have You read all of the server rules? Answer: Yes Have You read all of the paramedic rules? Answer: Yes. Do You promise to always act in-character and never abuse Your power while playing as a Paramedic? Answer: Of course! How long have You played on the server(hours)? Answer: Played since 2014, about 1500 hours on CvGaming. How long have You played Arma 3 (hours)? Answer: 2000~ Have You been a Paramedic earlier? Answer: Yes I have been Medic Specialist before I got my rank as police before Tanoa. How often do You play on the server and at what time of the day/night? Answer: I play as often as I have time in weekdays, depending on if I have any tests comming up. But I will always be very active in the weekends. Why should we picked you as a medic? (minimum 50 words) Answer: I have a lot of experience around arma 3 in general with 2000 hours on the game. I love to roleplay, and I think joining the medic force could help me getting into more roleplaying situations. I also have knowledge of all the vehicles that are used within the medic force, and training me will not be a problem as I have been climbing the medic ranks before, making me very experienced. Have You been banned on this server or any other servers? If yes what have You been banned for? Answer: I have never been banned from the server. What can you bring to the medic force? Answer: I can bring yet another experienced player who only wants the best for the medic force, as well as tons of positive energy! Do you have any past experience with role-playing on this or any other server? Answer: Yes, I have played as both police and medic before and I am experienced within the aspect of role playing. Can You follow orders from a younger person or higher ranked ? Answer: That would never be a problem. What do You think the medic faction would become better with? Answer: I think the medic force could need more active and fast responding medics! Can you fly a heli in arma ? Answer: Yes, without any problems. Can you provide a role-play name and a role-play background for the character applying to the medic force? (50-150 Words): Please type here: My name is Erik Tyrone, I have lived all my life on the Island that is Altis. Ever since tha war broke out on the Island me and my family has been hiding away from the action. We have been lucky so far, but I have also witnessed several people who has not been as lucky as me. Gruesome war crimes gets commited all the time, and there has been a long time where helping has been hopeles. I have finnaly decided that I want to be a part of the medic force, helping everyone that has been affected by the violence that spreads all around Altis. Tell us a little about your self: Please type here: My name is Erik, I am 17 years old and I am from Norway. I spend a lot of my time in front of the computer, and also a lot of time working out. I have been playing on CvG since 2014 and am planning to play as long as posible!
  8. Ändra huspriserna?

    In my opinion there should be a buff to farming, instead of turning the house prices down. You will achieve the same anyways
  9. Öberg - Junior Admin

  10. Luckiiee - Moderator

  11. Goliat - Moderator

  12. Vad tycker ni?

    My point was not only around fed though as I would like silencers for 6.5 and 7.62 for higher ops regardless. Right now the weapons available for civilians is very little diverse. :/
  13. Vad tycker ni?

    I think its weird that the A.P.D has the M320 available at fed, when civ´s max caliber weapons is 6.5. I would suggest adding silencers for 6.5 + maybe 1 or 2 7.62 weapons for the higher ops ranks in A.P.D and Rebels, and remove the M320. I think it might balance the gameplay around federal reserve a lot, and I don´t really have anything against 7.62 as long as they don´t have silencers, because they are so loud and easy to hear, but at the same time not as good as the M320 to penetrate cargos, armored vehicles and etc. And you also cant keep the M320, which you can if you are lucky and kill someone with a 7.62 Just my opinions though, don´t know for sure if you in the staff team already have made the decision to not add 7.62 again but I thought I would at least share my opinion.

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