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  1. Hunter Derby Tomorrow we will have a smaller event at the "Egg". Near Gun Smuggler. 4 People at a time, last man standing each Round will qualify to finals, (Depending on how many show up we might change the layout) Rules: You have to disable the other Hunters or push them outside the Egg. You are not allowed to Repair your Hunter. If you get disabled or Drive outside the Egg you are out! No shooting/Spiking! If anyone is killed, they will be revived. NO LOOTING! Price: Surprise!
  2. WoXXeN

    Event: 2v2 PvP Arena: Friday 3/8 20:30

    Event ibställd pga intressebrist.
  3. WoXXeN

    Event: 2v2 PvP Arena: Friday 3/8 20:30

    **Vi behöver minst två lag till för att eventet ska bli av!**
  4. WoXXeN

    Event: 2v2 PvP Arena: Friday 3/8 20:30

    3e t.o.m haha. Hur trött som helst. Uppdaterad!
  5. WoXXeN

    Event: 2v2 PvP Arena: Friday 3/8 20:30

    Det stämmer, uppdaterad!
  6. 2v2 PvP Arena On Friday we will have a PvP event at the PvP arena. Its time to prove who has the best team! Rules: - Teams of 2. Sign up your team in the comments below like showed below: Team: TeamName Player 1 Player 2 Eventual drop ins/ Reserve players - Minimum 5.56 Caliber weapons - Bring Your Own Gear - Medic will be available - Elimination style, You Loose, You´re out! - No Looting - No Trolling Other server rules apply!! COPs need to be on as civilians! Price: The winning team will get a Hunter or Ifrit to their disposal for an entire Restart. Its up to the team to decide which restart and which vehicle between the two mentioned above! OBS!!! Sign ups end on Friday 19:00! For this event too happen we need atleast 3 teams!
  7. WoXXeN

    Event: Air Race with a twist: Saturday 28/7 20:30

    Ja en Hellcat hade nog varit roligare men då hade nog ingen kommit fram.
  8. WoXXeN

    Police Applications

    Follow all steps of the template. I wont open another rtf file. Last chance.
  9. WoXXeN

    Police Applications

    Please follow the template and make a new one!
  10. Air Race with a twist We are gonna have a Air Race on saturday. Where each contester will try to fly with a Humingbird from Kavala to the main Air port. HOWEVER this is not an ordinary race, because the Humingbirds will not have a working back rotor. So it will require a lot of skills to pull this off. Rules: No VDM/RDM You HAVE to land safely next to the air shop, if you crash land and die you will be disqualified! Other server rules apply! And as always: Trolling and being a disturbance will get you event banned! Price: TBA
  11. WoXXeN

    Ban Request

    FaceIt har under dagen fått flera klagomål om er. Se detta som en varning redan nu. Inga onödiga kommentarer och tjafs. Endast bevis och motbevis.
  12. WoXXeN

    Police Application [G.L.A] Mohammed Al Bomb

    Vi anser inte att du passar i poliskåren vi har. Nekad / WoXXeN och Folke
  13. WoXXeN


    Din app är allt annat än seriöst. Nekad.
  14. Police application = OPEN! You can apply using this template:
  15. Last Rook Standing Friday 20/7 20:30 How to play: Gather at the rebel Checkpoint at 20:30 where you will be given a bag with a Rook and 5 Mags, and some First Aid Kits. If you want protective gear such as a Vest etc, bring your own, at your own risk. NO GEAR REFUNDS! After you get a bag you have a couple of minutes to go split out in the Island. You are allowed to use vehicles BUT ONLY Quadbikes or SUVs, Nothing else. BRING YOUR OWN VEHICLE! Rules: Normal server rules apply to this event, with the exception of the RDM rule. BE THE LAST MAN (ROOK) Standing!! MEDIC is not allowed to revive! Price: CASH!! For every player that participates the price money will increase with $100,000. So If 10 players = $1,000,000 Good luck and have fun!

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