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  1. WoXXeN


    Njaa. Det är ju mycket enklare via tex A3 Launcher.
  2. WoXXeN


    Skulle isåfall hellre se en Exile server!
  3. Sluta vara så respektlös mot dessa respektfulla spelare som bidrar med så mycket medans du inte gör ett skit
  4. Varför poppen sjunker är igentligen inte alls svår att lista ut, någon blir tagen på bar gärning och hela kompisgänget slutar i "protest" mot att admins är "Hårdhänta och unfair". Tänk er själva hur det skulle se ut om ingen blev bestraffad för att bryta mot regler, då skulle alla börja bryta regler höger å vänster för att "man blir ändå inte bestraffad".
  5. Clip of the Week: Round 1 winner!!! We can start this by announcing the winner of this round! And we can announce that @Elnour Isak Adam has won this round!!! Congratulations! Here is the winning clip: Now on the the next round! And for this round you have until friday 1st of February to send me your clips. and on the 3rd we will announce a winner. Now I know I said videos should be between 1-3 minutes, but we will scratch that rule and the video can be any length you want. But of course, you cannot enter with the same clip you entered this time. with that being said, we wish you good luck! // The Entire Event Promoter Team
  6. Fast att sno ett upplåst fordon i safezone är inget regelbrott. DÄREMOT får man ej lockpicka fordon i safezone. Regeln lyder på följande sätt: Detta betyder att man ej får gå fram och lockpicka ett fordon och sno det. Däremot om en spelare lämnar sitt fordon olåst och obevakad så får spelaren skylla sig själv. Självklart gäller ju sunt förnuft som vanligt. du får INTE hoppa in i en spelares fordon när de precis anlänt till safezone och är påväg att hoppa ut.
  7. 2015. Var ny. Sålde fordon fast de inte försvann. Summan behöver vi inte gå in på... *Ställer sig i skamhörnan*
  8. WoXXeN


    Vi kommer att markera ut på kartan. Men där drugdealern brukade ligga.
  9. @Boyka & @CasperEbbesen - Event Promoters I would like to inform you that Boyka & Casper has now joined the Event Promoters team! They are going to help us with planning and setting up server events, they also have permission to plan official server events! Congratulations!
  10. WoXXeN

    Patch 6.1

  11. @A.Almkvist - Event Promoter I would like to inform you that Almkvist has now joined me and the rest of the Event Promoters! He is going to help us with planning and setting up server events, he also has permission to plan official server events! Congratulations!
  12. Clip of the week Hosted by: Event Promoters Information about the Event This is a re-occurring competition that's set for every odd week. The point is to announce someone as the winner of "Clip of the Week". The clip will be judged by the Event promoters and a winner will be announced on Sunday of that week. Next round of entry is open until FRIDAY 2019-01-18. And a winner will be announced SUNDAY 2018-01-20. Price: 3,000 CvCoin or 1,500,000. (Winner decides) How to participate Record and upload a 1-3 minute video on Youtube etc, and send it to @WoXXeN via PM on the forum, TS or Discord! The video can be of a RP scenario or a fight or anything, that has been recorded by you. On CvG's Altis life server! ONLY ONE CLIP BY ONE PERSON EACH ROUND!
  13. What kind of events do you want? This is your chance to leave suggestions for future events! And how often? How many events do you want to see, once a week, twice or maybe even 4 four times a week? Prices, altho we don't really plan events for the sake of loot and money, price seems to be extremely important to some. What do you think when it comes to prices, are the prices we've had too little, too much? Or perhaps just the right balance? Leave your feedback and suggestions so that we can improve the planning and give you even more awesome events! // Best regards - Event promoters team.
  14. En hel restart går inte åt riktigt, det beror helt på trollnivån. Vi försöker få två event i veckan för att folk ska ha något att göra än att bara åka runt å döda å råna.
  15. ADDED RULE: If your team does not have 2participants when signups have stopped. You wont be able to play.
  16. @M. Carter & @Eggis - Event Promoter I would like to inform you that Carter & Eggis has now joined me in the Event Promoters team! They are going to help us with planning and setting up server events, they also have permission to plan official server events! Congratulations!
  17. Fast RDM ger inte KOS.
  18. 2v2 PvP Arena: Friday 4/1 20:30 Here we go, first event of the year! A 2v2 PvP Arena! WHERE? The PvP arena. HOW? Sign up your duo in a comment below like this: TEAMNAME PLAYER ONE PLAYER TWO Sign-ups will end on Friday 18:00! RULES! 5,56 caliber or Above. Bring your own gear. No looting! Everyone will get revived. If your team does not have 2participants when signups have stopped. You wont be able to play.  If you are there to spectate, do not run around and cause disturbance, dont run around and try to somehow help the participants either. Other server rules apply. Breaking event rules and being a troll can and will get you banned from future events! Prices: 1st place: 2 Fully geared Katiba's and 20 mags. 2nd price: 2 Fully geared MX's with 20 mags. 3rd place: 2 Fully geared Spar's with 20 mags.
  19. WoXXeN

    RDM [T.D.B] Felix

    You can start by following the template: Then, Provide a longer video if possible, This short clip doesnt really provide anything except Felix shooting you, admins wants too see what led up to this, atleast a 2-3 minute video that shows a bit prior to the shooting and if possible a few seconds afterwards if the medic revived you! And then, admins can take a look at it properly!
  20. Hunter Derby Tomorrow we will have a smaller event at the "Egg". Near Gun Smuggler. 4 People at a time, last man standing each Round will qualify to finals, (Depending on how many show up we might change the layout) Rules: You have to disable the other Hunters or push them outside the Egg. You are not allowed to Repair your Hunter. If you get disabled or Drive outside the Egg you are out! No shooting/Spiking! If anyone is killed, they will be revived. NO LOOTING! Price: Surprise!
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