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  1. The problem here is that there is only one direction to safe zone. And i had to go there anyways to fix my car. I was not going to fight him. And whats wrong is that its totally out of RP. He knocks me out without giving any ultimatum.
  2. Name: [DKC]J.Smith Offender-Name: [T.C.T] Daniel Date: 2017-04-10 - <21:35> Which rule(s) were broken: Fail engage, Fail RP Additional information: So what happened was that Daniel and I was pointing our weapons at eachother. I thought he would engage me soon so i wouldnt just let him of the hook so he could get a wall advantage. So i therefor followed him until he knocked me out ( this gave him an unfair advantage) He did not give me a ultimatum for the knock out. Then he ran off to get a good location to engage me. Then he said this is T surrender or die. His clan isnt named T but whatever. This fight could've played out differently if he hadnt knocked me out.
  3. @Obbe1
  4. Name: [TSAR][Leader] John Smith Offender-Name: The gang 1% Date: 2017-02-04- <Time it happened: 12:30 Which rule(s) were broken: Scam Additional information: I saw one of the guys from 1% at dia processing. He asked me if i wanted to sell with him at dia trader. I was fine with that and so we went. When i arrived i saw one of his friends running towards me. And he engaged me. I think this is scam because he asked me if i wanted to sell with him, and then he just engages me at dia trader. video proof:
  5. New weapons for civs: Spar-16, Vermin
  6. I mean like the ufa garages
  7. New weapons for civs: Spar-16, Vermin Cheaper hellis: Hummingbird on the old cvgaming was around 300k. It would make it more fun for old and new players New clothes: It would be nice to mix things up. It would be nice if the UFA could sell shemags, ctrg and those kinds of things More things to build at gang land Make it so the players could build hellipads, garages and gates it would make the gang land even better Selling items: Make it so that the players could sell weapons and clothes at mafia trader. And then other players could put up bids to buy it.
  8. @PeTTePeTTeHave you even seen the video, he even says that cv-d is shooting at you john. You guys do not have any evidence that supports your clamis that t.petterson was shooting first. So if you want me to take the ban req down you will need to send me video proof. Check 09:59 in the video
  9. @PeTTePeTTe Send video of when we were shooting then Since i havent gotten any proof of that. And thats why this ban req is up. And we do not have to tell you guys it is kos off. You should write to us that YOU GUYS HAVE CHANGED YOUR MIND, AND THAT IT WASNT A FAIL ENGAGE. SO YOU COULD TAKE THE FIGHT
  10. Name: [TSAR][Leader] John Smith Offender-Name: [cv-d] Mr. cat Date: 2017.24.01 Time: 20:35 Which rule(s) were broken: RDM Additional information: We engaged [cv-d] elliot. Since he didnt comply/ took out a weapon we killed him. Then Elliot wrote that it was rdm. Since we engaged correctly we wrote back to him. Later cv-d shot at me and t.petterson shot back. t.petterson was later killed by mr.cat. Then the fight was in full force. Since elliot thought that it was rdm cv-d cant take the kos on us. Since rdm dosent grant kos.
  12. Gang 1 + ( John Smith) - TSAR Gang 2 + ( Carl Mark) - RU Date - 13.01.17 Reason for war - We mislike eachother
  13. John Smith
  14. We will accept the war!!!!!