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    Grattis @Wazz. Lets have purge in the near future!
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  5. The police force

    In the midst of everyone nagging at the cops about being offline i thought i´d share some positive vibes. When i was online yesterday and met the cops they were actually willing to rp with me and the rest of the gang which has never been as good as it is now. They believed what i said about needing money for my familiy. I have never seen the cops accept that. Also they dont want to take away your guns and vests. They might seize one of the two if you have killed anyone or they will just tell you to put it in the backpack. This is a great change to the police force So keep it up guys! I will give a special thanks to Darwin the cheif! And also the main admin of the server Afriel! Best regards John Smith
  6. Ban req PFC

    Request Information Name: [TSAR][One] John Smith Offender-Name: It was basically the PFC gang Date: 2017-09-10 - 19:30/19:50 Which rule(s) were broken: VDM and Looting dead bodys Additional information: He jumped in my car. I locked the car so he would stop it and let me get back in it. When i tried to jump out and talk to them they just repeatedly ran me over
  7. Police Application - John Smith

    In-Game Name? : John Smith What is your Player ID: 76561198195263489 Age? : 16 Do you speak both Swedish and English?: I speak norwegian and english Do you have any past experience about being a police officer on this or other servers?: Yes If yes, what servers?: on a german pub cop server Do you have a working microphone?: Yes How long have you played on CvGaming?: I started near the end of april on the server Have you been banned before?: yes Do you promise to always act in-character and never abuse your power while playing as a police officer?: Yes. My time as a medic really helped my RP skills. Are you ready to leave your civ gang to become a police officer to avoid conflicts?: Yes sir Can you follow orders from a younger person?: Yes What qualities do you think a CvGaming Police officer should have that fits you, name at least 5 pieces 1) Quility RP 2) I will and can take orders 3) I can be quiet in stressful situations 4) I know the server in and out. 5) experienced Describe why you would like to play as a police officer?: I have played as both medic and civ for a long time. So i wanted a change. Briefly describe the various tasks of a police officer?: Keep the illegals in jail. And reward the legal ones Describe what YOU expect out of your fellow officers?: Respect What is your input on using lethal force?: When it is needed. Example: If the suspect wont drop his or hers weapon I will have to taze them. But if they start shooting at me I will have to pop their brains out Describe why YOU would be a good addition to the police force?: I will add some good RP. And some fun times. What is your input on respect, loyalty, and rule enforcement?: To be an officer you need to be calm and respectful even though the suspect is being difficult to handle. You need to be loyal to your fellow colleagues. Please provide name and a background story for your character applying to the police: (100 words minimum): Hello my name is John Smith. Im well known from the gang TSAR. But i grew up in the poor city of pygros. I lived most of my life in a shack. I wanted to change my life so bad. So i began working on the copper fileds. I made alot of money from that. So i bought a bigger truck. But that was my first and last mistake. I drove over to the copper field to work as i normaly would. I began searching for the copper. Then I heard something. It sounded like a thunder storm. So i hopped back in my truck. I tried to start up my truck. But at that moment i heard a raspy voice saying OUT OF THE CAR! I jumped out and got shot. I fell to the ground. I was hurt. The guys that had shot me took my truck and drove off. But me, I was still laying on the ground waiting for help. At that moment i had lost all of my hope. Suddenly i hear a helli. It was a medic named hawaii. He saved my life. That is why i became a medic. Later on I moved up in the ranks of the medic force. But i felt like i didnt help in the way I wanted to. So here i am typing on my windows 97 trying to apply for your force. Tell us a little about yourself! Hi my ig name is John Smith. Irl name is Christer. But just call me John. A normal day for me consists of playing video games and going to the gym. I also play the piano. Im going to start at a new school this year. (Upper secondary school) And I am excited!
  8. Hello there Admins, mods and the community of cvgaming As most of you have noticed cvgaming is dead on Arma 3. There are many factors that played into this. And I am going to point out some of the reasons. This is strictly my opinion so if you the community do not agree with this please reply so the mods and admins could see what you want to add/change on the server. And to the mods and admins please take this ideas to consideration because this might help out the server a bit. (I know that this might be a bit repetitive but i just had to say something. Since i love cvgaming all too much) Reasons and Solutions: Starting money: Before we started with 250k I do think that is reasonable but i do think we should start off with a bit more. Solution: Start with 350k,450k,500k. When people start off they want to buy a truck, weapons for protection and some awesome clothes. So to have more money to spend would be awesome. Map issue: The map issue: the community tired of the same old Altis they wanted something new and interesting. So the admins decided to change the map to Tano. And as we can see today the community did not agree with this change. Solution: I do not think the map was ever the issue. I think that the admins and mods did not bring new things to the server that often. And that is why Altis got stale. Not enough customization for civs: we the civs did not have that much customization in the clothes area. We had some but most of the clothes made us look like hobos and geezers. Solution: The admins could add some more normal looking clothes to the normal clothing store. And to the hideouts there could be military, mafia and or gangster clothes. But if the admins feel like that this isn't the way they should implement the clothes. There is an another way to implement the clothes. The UFA could sell some military clothes. This would make it so that players could look different. Guns and Vests: When players got bored of farming they wanted to engage in combat with other players. But the issue was that the only way to get a 6.5 mm was through killing officers or buy from the UFA. And to buy it off the UFA you had to have the “week pass”. That got really expensive for players on the server. For an player that played often on the server that wasn't an issue. But for casuals that didn't play that often that would be an issue. Of course they could buy 5.56 weapons but they would be at a huge disadvantage. Solution: Players could have a larger selection of 5.56, 9mm weapons. Or players could buy themselves a 6.5 mm. I do also feel like an armor level 2 vest should be able to buy at a gang hideout. Choppers: I feel like the choppers on cvgaming were too expensive. 1.3 million for a hummingbird Is all too much. “I know the argument that people would only fly when they farm” but if only the hummingbirds were cheap it wouldnt have been worth it to farm (because the trunk can't fit that much in it).The hummingbird makes it faster and more effective to move around the map. And to also make it cheaper would help out the new players on cvgaming. Solution: Make ONLY the hummingbird cheap. Make the price 300k (Reasoning is since the old cvgaming had the price at 300k) Farming: On cvgaming and life mod in general is farming a key factor into the server experience. But on cvgaming i feel like there either wasn't enough things to farm or the prices would be bad. Solution: Higher the prices on for example iron, apples, copper and so on. Gangs: To make a gang on cvgaming It costs 75k this is expensive in my opinion for (starting players). There can't be more than one admin/mod in the gang. Solutions: The price to make a gang should be 25k. I think there should more role slots in the gang like mods that could invite people. I also think we should be able to name the roles. Gang Hideouts: When you have captured a gang hideout there is a notification that you have captured it. That will alert players to come to you and even perhaps kill you. I think that you should be awarded to own the ganghideout. Solution/Change: Every five minutes you usually get 1050 dollars. But when you have control of the gang hideout you should get 2050 dollars. Weekly event: I loved the weekly events but the most popular one was the purge. Change/ Solution: So I feel like there should be a purge every Friday. And a different events on Saturday and Sunday to make people look forward to the weekend. ( Idea for an event: double the amount of money from farming for a day) I would name this the “weekendly event” And that was all of my ideas. I will be reading the comments section to see your guyses suggestions And to all of you mods and admins out there please do not take this the wrong way these are just ideas that you can take to consideration. ( I do hope that you will implement some if not all of them) The best of luck to you admins and mods With best regards John Smith
  9. Some ideas for the new patch

    New weapons for civs: Spar-16, Vermin
  10. Some ideas for the new patch

    I mean like the ufa garages
  11. Some ideas for the new patch

    New weapons for civs: Spar-16, Vermin Cheaper hellis: Hummingbird on the old cvgaming was around 300k. It would make it more fun for old and new players New clothes: It would be nice to mix things up. It would be nice if the UFA could sell shemags, ctrg and those kinds of things More things to build at gang land Make it so the players could build hellipads, garages and gates it would make the gang land even better Selling items: Make it so that the players could sell weapons and clothes at mafia trader. And then other players could put up bids to buy it.
  12. Rebel for a day!

    John Smith
  13. johansson montageäeäeäeä 7

    Hahaha @Xymz jeg kjenner meg igjen der