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  1. davidpaisol


    But there are a lot of the items that doesn't have prices and weigh on them. Would be pretty nice with an update to it.
  2. davidpaisol


    Can there maybe be an update to this guide?
  3. Can there maybe be an update on all the prices since relaunch?
  4. Request Information Name: *[T.D.B] F.Smith* Offender-Name: *The gang [B.K.G]* Date: 2019-01-2 - <15:25> Which rule(s) were broken: Third-Party-engage / RDM (2 seconds to react to an engage I couldn't hear) Additional information: We were engaged by the gang [RPG] at Gang hideout 2. Which lead to us fighting and killing two of their members. We then hid in the gang hideout knowing there was a third member online and waiting for him to show. Then the gang [B.K.G] showed up out of a sudden and after 1-2 minutes they engaged us while we still were in a fight with [RPG] and shot us all three dead on the spot. Proof of action done: 1. As you can see in the video. I had no time to react before getting shot. 2.Death by Rook 3. Here is just some additional info from the chat ingame. Ingame chat
  5. @[161] Storm What gun is that you're holding? I can't tell This gun
  6. Name: *[M.E.T] Davidpaisol* Offender-Name: *[161] Storm* Date: 2017-03-31 - <Around 16:30 to 17:00> Which rule(s) were broken: He kept knocking me down in Safezone, I couldn't even move. Additional information: I was just in Kavala safezone and Storm knocked me down more than a couple of times. Arma 3 - Proof
  7. Name: [RDM] Davidpaisol Offender-Name: [A] Xymz Date: 2017-03-12 - It was about 00:00 to 00:20 Which rule(s) were broken: He shot me without engaging. So RDM Additional information: Explain in detail what happened. I was driving around FED. Stopped 150 Metres away from the front gate. I was standing beside my Vehicle with my binoculars on and nothing else. Then Xymz just shot me, and told me that he had kos on everybody(Which he dont, only the APD) And he would not refund me.
  8. 8 minutes before, I wasn't even on the server. When u started shooting without engaging. And we were driving a lot over 40 too.
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