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  1. Ban Request [M.S]

    Agreed, i just did it as a joke though
  2. Ban Request [M.S]

    Don't call me retarded, retard either way It was 2 guys from MS, i can't tell who is who in ur gang when you dont have the same name on forum as in-game
  3. Ban Request [M.S]

    Don't make me upload the video from a couple days ago when we were in kavala and you were straight up yelling racist sh*t at us. If it really offended you, go make a ban req. See how far you get with that
  4. Patch 5.2

  5. Hej

    "swedish people don't have culture" pfff
  6. Ban Request [M.S]

    But using that logic the whole gang would get banned then, that doesn't make sense..
  7. Ban Request [M.S]

    I know the titel is [M.S] but if you look at offender name he isn't there
  8. Ban Request [M.S]

    I wasn't talking to you. And i think i've already answered that question
  9. Ban Request [M.S]

    You are not involved, so please stay out of it. Im not claiming to be a saint in any way, but it doesn't excuse what they did
  10. Ban Request [M.S]

    obviously you say that now. but just take a look at all the rules you broke, you honestly deserve a ban. im tired of arguing. im gonna let an admin decide now
  11. Ban Request [M.S]

    we want you banned cause you didnt want to negotiate before, only now that i have put a ban req you are willing to talk. so it is obvious that it was nessecery
  12. Ban Request [M.S]

    You make it sound like i make a ban req a day. I've made like 3 in the past couple of months. But i dont want a refund to be something that can excuse anythiung. Try taking a look at my ban req and put yourself in my spot and "let it slide" Please man, take a look at the shit they did
  13. Ban Request [M.S]

    When your friend comes to our TS and tells us to go f*** ourslves, does that sound like he wants to talk?? or refund the ~2 mil i lost? A refund would be great, but that doesn't excuse the all the rules you broke, don't just expect that a refund can fix everything
  14. Ban Request [M.S]

    Crap. Thanks
  15. Ban Request [M.S]

    im not home right now, but honestly what is there to talk about. You guys seriously deserve to get banned for this imo.

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