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  1. I spent a lot of time playing CVG back when i was a toxic 14-15 year old gamer. Now im just a toxic 20 year old gamer
  2. I put a speedbomb on @Castles medic car
  3. Sorry if it came off like that, i just find it weird that i get perm banned without any warning when i was in my own house
  4. Name: Ramo Date: 2019-01-12 Reason: Me and my friends had all respawned in our houses when we saw my car rolling into town. Me, @ThomThomL @[RDM] Daniel and Bobber went to check it out, we saw [1%] idk what his name was, and my friends decided to rob him (i didn't have a gun at the time and stayed in my house) They shot him, and @ThomThomL jumped through his window to loot him (only the body, not the chests). He got stuck in the houses because he is a moron and said how hard it was to go through doors, I was in my own house and tested it on my own door, which apparently a trigger-happy admin saw, and perm banned me and @ThomThomL straight away Proof that I was in my own house at the time:
  5. Ramo


    And by "many" you mean [K]. We just really dislike each other, ofc they are gonna say that
  6. Ramo


    You make it sound like you are some kind of saint. I'm not perfect, but I'm usually on the other side of the ban req. And you make it sound like we are after you all the time, I've legit never even seen you before
  7. Ramo


    Next time please follow the template, but whatever. It looks really bad from your perspective, the reason I shot you was because bobber fired a shot which sounded like it came from your friend who was aiming at Felix. And like I said in-game, we saved your stuff and will be more than happy to give it back to you guys
  8. I think a land/air race would be cool. For example everyone starts in Kavala with an SUV, and we would all race to the airport where planes would be waiting, and we would fly down to coke processing, where prowlers would be waiting. And first to reach Pyrgos would win
  9. You can always use the stock cooler, if it comes with one. If you don't overclock they are usually fine
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