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  1. Kristian

    Ban Req - TDB

    @Wredig are you on right now, we can meet up in kavala or something?
  2. Kristian

    Ban Requst - A

    (I forgot to log out of my friend Kristian's forum user, nice one Ramo) Name: [RDM] Ramo Offender-Name: [A] gang Date: 07-03-2017 17:40-ish Which rule(s) were broken: RDM Additional information: Explain in detail what happened. Me and David were driving down the road when A started shooting at us, they killed us and procceded to loot us. I kept telling them to let us get revived or i would put a ban req. But they wouldn't listen
  3. Kristian

    Ban Req - TDB

    I told you i'd compensate, but you kept harassing me while i was in combat with your team, and after that you procceded to break NLR. i don't think what i did is against the rules, your teammates startet shooting at me, if i did somehow break a rule i will be more than happy to refund
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