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  1. Name: [TSAR] AngryHerring Offender-Name: Basically the whole ARG, but vdm'er is [ARG] Timmy Date: (2017-11-06) - 18:55 Which rule(s) were broken: VDM (killing) in SZ with "Quadbike", and looting in SZ. Additional information: Logged in, guy from [ARG] starts distracting me while giving his friend an opportunity to run me over with passenger-kill "bug". Video 1 (Proof of the incidence): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X6202uaj9WI&feature=youtu.be Video 2 (Tag of the driver): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6LPJNWy0ZLE&feature=youtu.be
  2. Event Promoters.......

  3. Event Promoters.......

    @Johanees You're still here? lol
  4. Event Promoters.......

    @WoXXeN This never was an unban-appeal, you might have messed that up. The reason I made this, was to make you list when "we" "trolled" at events, because you were not very good at giving us much information about the event-ban at first. Also, lets not list what things we don't do good within our jobs, because I got a few to list... Good night. Sincerely Herring
  5. Event Promoters.......

    @WoXXeN That is not what I am trying to accomplish with this freaking post. But thanks for the response You said that TSAR has trolled in multiple events. And my question is; what other events? We just united back together in TSAR when me and john smith were out of the APD, there has only been one event since
  6. Event Promoters.......

    22:23:09> "WoXXeN": i knoiw. but people from TSAR has been trolling the last couple of events <22:23:21> "WoXXeN": so TSAR is banned for a month from events What other events did "we" troll in? I'd really like to know!... (even though there has not been any other events) What people? (are you characterizing the whole gang off two people?) What times??? This one time? Lol, step up your game! Very strong punishment for two guys engaging other people after event. Not seen any rule against it. And lastly, why should a whole gang pay for that? And not the two guys who actually did it? Please not that you are trying to grow a community. Banning a whole gang from future events will probably not be the best choice.
  7. Ban Request

    0:58, hands up. Gives clear instructions in ts about the situation and he talks OVER when xymz talks. He was well in the range (18 meters) https://imgur.com/a/v5gV5 He is aware of the engage and tells the buddy's. Also, the other guy runs back to the metal shack for cover purposes clearly aware of the engage. Later, a guy on the hill starts shooting claiming he is covering his mates even though they are already dead, and no one in TSAR had seen him (he was safe). They are really accepting the kos.
  8. I've been having a blast in the APD force. Loads of funny "RP" scenarios and a lot of KOSKOSKOSKOS. Why not put some of it in the montage? Thank you for an awesome time in the force, hope i'll meet you guys out in the field! // A.Herring out! Like this post and you will win every engage there is!
  9. Nya designers

    I'm interested in the designer role, I've got a couple of templates on hand if you want to take a look. I'll give you a message if I see you! Sincerely Herring
  10. Vad tycker ni?

    Add more options in the skill trees; that doesn't give other people an advantage (fights etc). This can be cosmetics (new or cheaper clothes). More skill variety for cops/medics to use; like faster revive and unlimited toolkit (cost a lot of points, 5 or more? Balance purposes). Also give cops more opportunities to gain exp, like impounding cars etc.. Buying cars for exp is anoying.
  11. Patch 5.2

    Added: New Headgear STREEEEEEEEEEJK!
  12. Spikes Already In Deployment

    When deploying multiple spikes (more than one), it will prompt a message "You already have a Spike active in deployment" and will refuse to place another down meanwhile it removes it from your inventory. It even happens after the spike has popped. Recreation of this incidence; Very annoying when you try to spike more than one place. This can; and has been fixed before. Would be awesome if you could figure it out. Thanks // A.Herring
  13. Altis Patch 5.1

  14. Vi har inte glömt er!

    Bus stops?