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  1. TEAM SOLO AngryHerring i'm so good that I'll play alone. LUL
  2. This is more of a direct message to the staff team, but I'd liked to post it on the forum to get you guys' response also! NOTICE: This IS NOT a thread open for discussion, please create your own for that bull crap.? Intro Hello, most of you probably know me from being in a cancer gang named TSAR, or as one of the guys who used prowlers to farm. Others may not know me at all, lucky you. Either way, this is just some suggestions and contributions for CvGaming Altis Life 5.0 RPG. I created this thread, because I myself were creating a server the last couple of months, but sadly given up. As a result, I have some leftover work to share with this community, and some knowledge of scripting in Arma. Hopefully, some of these features will be able to make it on the server. If not I do completely understand the admins and staff. Anyone from the staff team are welcome to pm me about certain things, and I would be happy to send over, or aid with other scripts. Anyways, let's get jump in! Features: More perks It would be a waste of money for Maverick's Talent Tree if there is only 3 perks. See more under the "Perks" paragraph. More exp rewards See more of this under the Experience paragraph. Capturable Police Checkpoints Push cops into an unconformable situation when you take their checkpoints! Improved Notification System This can provide a fresh & clean look on the server. (See more of this under the Notification System paragraph). More actions See more of this under the Actions paragraph. More clothing alternatives. Inside gang hideout it is a bit dull with the lack of clothing. What about some bandit clothing? That would be nice! Perks Perks can be a huge deciding factor for a players experience on the server, too few can feel like there's nothing to work for, too many can "lock" features out. Perks should be something that one must grind towards. And hopefully feel rewarded when it's achieved. The code: [life_currentExpPerks, "PERKNAME"] call mav_ttm_fnc_hasPerk returns either true/false. This can check if player has the perk or not, allowing them to ex: buy perk clothing. Here are the perks I came up with, some are already working on my private dev server, others are a two minute job to complete. Civilian: Vehicle Texture Pack vol.(1-3) Perk set which allows civilians to expand their vehicle textures. Michael Scofield (Prison Break) Perk set which allows civilians to also break out non-gangmembers. Firearm Junkie (Legal & Illegal perk-trees) Perk set for a expanded weaponry. Maybe allow player to buy an advanced firearms license, bigger guns for legal carry. Clothing (1-3) Expand your clothing cabinet. Allow players to buy higher-tier clothing. Police: Criminal Hunter (1-5) Receive bigger payout when doing cop stuff. Drug busts, vehicle impounding, Bounty price etc etc. Police Textured Vehicles vol.(1-3) Perk set which allows cops to buy Prowler black, sand. Black/Blue Tiger Hunters, (and maybe undercover police vehicles?). Medic: Cardiopulmonary resuscitation Training Allow medics to use CPR to revive people without the need of medkits & first aid. Quick Revive Faster revive process. Medical Textured Vehicles vol.(1-3) Perk set which allows medics to buy other skinned vehicles. Common (everyone): Mechanophilia (1-3) Discount when buying vehicles. Repair Specialist (1-5) Mastering Car Repairs. Repair vehicles faster. Hotkey Master Perk set which allows players to bind User Action keys for fast use of painkillers, spike strips and seat belt. Experience Rewards: New ways of earning experience for their Talent Tree, such as repairing vehicles, robbing gas station, Capturing Hideouts/Bandit District/Federal Reserve/Pharmacy/Checkpoints, Being in close proximity of players which is not grouped to you, rewarding for RP. (It could work, I have an idea of doing this). Capturable Police Checkpoints Note, the capture-rate is sped up really fast, so we won't be here forever ? It also gives police the ability to recapture it once order is reached Video demonstrating this feature: Notification System Can replace old and boring hints, systemChat and titletext. Give the server a new, clean and fresh look! Tested and works with localized strings and normal text. Could take time to replace all of them though. ? Here I demonstrate the Tag System with the new Notification system. It does not have to be that, but this is just a preview! The Notification system I used here is from TanKode, but modified to resemble Exile's Toasts. Yes it's called that. Video demonstrating this feature: User Actions Now I'm talking about user actions, such as seat belts, "rob person" etc etc. (All of this can be found in fn_setupActions.sqf, but you already know this, lol). One feature that I saw on a thread, was being able to remove a players communication device, hiding them from the map, from group members and themselves. This can be used with a radio, which a player MUST have to see themselves on the map (Spawn loadouts can be configured to include this), or a variable can be set. If the player has the given variable/or does have a radio, it will give the robber the option to remove his communication, and vice versa. However this also has to be modified in the map markers for civs/cops also. For item radio I used this very simple code: if ("ItemRadio" in (assignedItems _x) AND "ItemRadio" in (assignedItems player)) then { CODE }; Thank you very much for reading through this thread. I wrote this to hopefully give insight to you guys what CvGaming really could be. It took some time to compose so some feedback with a like or a comment would be appreciated. But keep the discussion outside this thread. Please ? Thanks once again Sincerely Herring.
  3. @NEHR For using custom textured vests, they will need to be packed as an addon, which would require people to install that package (mod). As Bohemia haven't gotten around to creating a SetTexture or vestContainer command. (They don't make it easy do they? ... Those lazy bastards). However, I meant the new vest's that has come in the 'new' Jet Fighter DLC, such as these; https://imgur.com/a/15zvn / Herring
  4. EVENTS; Such as 3v3, 1v1, kokoskos etc. keeps the civilians happy, and will most likely increase pop. Competitions, may the best man win? More variety, including clothes, vests and guns. Not necessarily 6.5 & lvl 3 armor+, but maybe add more 5.56 weapons SPAR, AKS (5.45), colored vests and more clothes. Bug fixing, such as tac-marks on maps, battleeye filter fixes, being able to use all ATM's with windows key (unmarked aswell, if able). More farming alternatives, or price bumps on other farming methods (farming glass/sand is useless!). Maybe add good old "Salt" back? Move pharmacy? Just my idea..... Not necessary! Also, I want the population of CvG to leave sugestions for clothes that us Designers can create. We want to know what you want! We can make it, I am sure of it.
  5. What is Your in-game and forum name?: Answer: AngryHerring What is Your Player ID #? (In ARMA main screen go to profilesettings, (select your profile) then press Unit, and change the unit to custom. Now you should see a 17dig number. Answer: 76561198052854955 Have You read all of the server rules and the paramedic rules? Answer: Yes How long have You played on the server(hours)? Answer: 16/1700 ish. How long have You played Arma 3 (hours)? Answer: 1915 Why do you want to become a medic? Answer: Because I can be better than most medics; civilians & cops deserves more than waiting for medic 20+ minutes for a simple revive. I also would like to RP 'more'. Describe what you think that a medic does? Answer: Revives people, helping both mentally and physically & most importantly always RP Have You been a Paramedic earlier or played in another faction on cvgaming? Answer: Yes, I've been a medic on the server. Got quickly tired though, due to the combat-ress rule. However, I'm back now! In addition, I have been a cop. prowlers. How often do You play on the server and at what time of the day/night? Answer: I'm usually active from 15/16.00 to 20.00, depends on the school-schedule for test's etc. Why should we pick you as a medic? (minimum 25 words) Answer: I have experience on the server, I RP (when i'm medic, yes), I've been in the medic faction before, I'm quite active on this server, I have patience and I respect people. Have You been banned on this server? If yes what have You been banned for? Answer: For capturing BanditDistrict with a rook and VDM. What can you bring to the medic force? Answer: Positive vibes, Role Play, a lot of activity as a medic in the prime-time & quick revives to the people in need. What qualities do you think a medic should have that fits you, name at least 4 pieces 1: Skilled driver & pilot. 2: I come from experience. 3: I'm calm. 4: I like to meet new people. Do you have any past experience with role-playing on this or any other server? Answer: Yes, I have. Can You follow orders from a younger person or higher ranked? Answer: Ya. What do You think the medic faction should become better with? Answer: Activity & less crashing. Can you fly a heli in arma and drive a fast car? Answer: I'm the best when it comes to those two! Can you provide a role-play name and a role-play background for the character applying to the medic force? (50-200 Words): Please type here: Herring comes from the town down south of Altis, named Zaros. He was raised jewish, but quickly transitioned to the swistian religion. As a kid, Herring was exposed to quite a lot of violence & discrimination. This created Herring, and made him stronger. It formed him. At the age of 16 he joined a gang named TSAR and he got his name out all over Altis. Herring was not the guy you were messing with, I tell you! As life went along, he suddenly ended on the opposite side, the pig faction [A.P.D], aka "the good people". Herring was not in the apd for long, as he had quite a passion for prowlers and their enormous capacity. Herring got fired in the end. He realized that he needed a job to supply his needs for Doritos & Pepsi Max, therefore he applied to the Medic force of Altis. Tell us a little about yourself: Please type here: My name is Andreas, but call me Herring/Andy. I come from Norway, same place as john. I am student. Most of my time either goes to School, guitar, gym and most importantly comp stuff. Kind regards // Herring.
  6. Then don't comment .... @Johanees At what part did he say that he will shoot him? All he said "put your hands down" and "give me the keys" Pointing it at the wall, yes.
  7. Value his life? You didn't threaten him, nor did you continue with the role play, you went straight off-rp. Next time say; This is GLA give me your keys to that vehicle, and if you don't comply you will get shot.
  8. A lot of RP in this one I tell you! It was made with pure passion mixed with rage and constant headaches. (Over-edited to hide my bad aim) Plz lajk <3 Enjoy!
  9. @bobin I’m not sure why you are pulling up random things such as that in this disgussion, but I guess you’re out of arguements... Yes, in fights it would be a lot more rewarding to get a mx instead of a sting, but remember; cops bring their weapon of choice. They don’t always need mx’s, and a sting can prove quite lethal in close range with it’s high rate of fire and devestating damage output. Just because the cop is using a ‘bad’ weapon doesnt mean that its because their afraid of losing better gear. Also, just because you want more 6.5 on the server, does not mean that you should make a post where you say cop is the reason behind everything. They are not wrong. They use good gear, they do rp, you just have to rp back! // HERRING OUT!
  10. Name: [TSAR] AngryHerring Offender-Name: Basically the whole ARG, but vdm'er is [ARG] Timmy Date: (2017-11-06) - 18:55 Which rule(s) were broken: VDM (killing) in SZ with "Quadbike", and looting in SZ. Additional information: Logged in, guy from [ARG] starts distracting me while giving his friend an opportunity to run me over with passenger-kill "bug". Video 1 (Proof of the incidence): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X6202uaj9WI&feature=youtu.be Video 2 (Tag of the driver): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6LPJNWy0ZLE&feature=youtu.be
  11. @WoXXeN This never was an unban-appeal, you might have messed that up. The reason I made this, was to make you list when "we" "trolled" at events, because you were not very good at giving us much information about the event-ban at first. Also, lets not list what things we don't do good within our jobs, because I got a few to list... Good night. Sincerely Herring
  12. @WoXXeN That is not what I am trying to accomplish with this freaking post. But thanks for the response You said that TSAR has trolled in multiple events. And my question is; what other events? We just united back together in TSAR when me and john smith were out of the APD, there has only been one event since
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