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  6. If any of these rules are broken please contact Folkesson or Baggins on Teamspeak or here on the forums. ALL MEDICS NEED TO KNOW AND FOLLOW THESE GUIDELINES/RULES! FAILURE TO ABIDE WILL RESULT IN SANCTIONS OR LOSS OF RANK! This post will be updated as we progress ingame. If you have any suggestions, please message Folkeson or Baggins on Teamspeak or on the forums. (Latest updates will be in cyan text) MEDIC RULES 1. You may revive 3 players form each gang during fight. 2. When a medic arrives to a combat area you have to give him/her an ULTIMATUM. If you fail to do this and the medic get's shot this will be considered RDM. 3. If you want a medic helping you at Altis Bank robbery you have to hire him/her BEFORE you start the robbing. The A.P.D may request a medic for free during the robbery as they are a part of the government and can never tell when the bank will be robbed. If this haven't be done you are not allowed to go to that area! 4. A medic who plays in a civilian gang may NEVER revive in a fight where his/her gang is involved 5. If a medic is promised a specific amount of money for reviving a gang in a fight and the gang fails to pay the promised amount after the fight that gang will be suspended from medical treatment for 24h. If this happens often the ban will be longer to a max of 1 week. 6. A medic is not allowed to log out as a medic and then login as a civilian just to help his/her gang in a fight. This will be considered meta gaming. 7. A civilian medic is not allowed to log out as a civilian during combat and then login as a medic just to revive his/her team mates. This will also be considered meta gaming. 8. When robbing the Bank of Altis the medic is only allowed to revive 1 time / person. 9. When a medic is a part of a bank robbery he/she only has ONE life. 10. The one's that are robbing the Bank of Altis may only hire ONE medic, the same goes for the A.P.D 11. If a gang or faction says an area is safe or a fight is over, without being sure, and a medic gets killed; the Medic should be refunded 50k by the gang/faction who first wrote the message. Therefore all factions and gangs need to secure the area before assuring the medics. If you are not willing to refund the medic you will have to meet the consequences. 12. Stealing a Medic-vehicle (car/truck/heli), whether locked or unlocked, is a bannable offence. 13. You are only allowed to impound a vehicle if it could or will cause harm to others around it. You may never impound vehicles that stand properly parked at a parking spot. 14. Police/Medic vehicles are only to be impounded if wrecked, abandoned or if given permission. It is vital that the Medics makes sure of this before impounding. 15. Strider is only allowed to be used by aproval from a Medic Chief or Medic Specialist. exceptions are on Events. 16. Medic Trainee shall not fly helicopters. Exceptions: Alone on a server 16a. When a trainee is asked to go in helicopter by a higher ranked medic. 16b. When a Medic Trainee is in kavala and a player dies longer than 8km away from his current possision. 17. Medic Have only law and run the vehicle they can buy. 18. Medics playing on the server must be connected to the proper TeamSpeak (TS) medic channel. (No exceptions. Mute the microphone if all communications is taken away during role play and talk in direct communication or vehicle chat). Bank Robbery-Medics may join a different TS-channel. Before talking in-game, say "RP" in TeamSpeak and then mute the microphone in TS. 19. No trolling Is allowed in the medic, If you trolling you can get max 2 warnings before you get Drankt or kicked frome the medic 20. Never go AFK to longe (more then 5 min) when you are in as a medic if you must go longer LOG OUT. MEDIC GUIDELINES 1. When arriving at a scene, Medics must use sirens to alert people of their arrival. 2. The lights on Medic-vehicles should be turned on at all times. 3. The use of emergency lights during an emergency situation is encouraged when available. 4. Medics must always abide by the orders given by a higher ranking member of the force. If there are several Medics online with the same rank, they can discuss any orders given if they have any inputs. 5. Leaving a medical response vehicle unattended is not allowed. It is to be stored in the garage after use. (exceptions can be made). 6. The vehicle spawn areas are to be kept clear at all times. 7. If a Medic is prevented from resurrecting a person that is marked on the map, he/she must mark the person’s position on the map (always place the marker in Group Chat. (Ask a superior officer if you don't know how to do so). 8. Role-play is one of the keystones of the medical force. For example, the medic can ask how a person is feeling and if he/she is willing to come back to the hospital for further examinations. 9. A Medic should not take unnecessary risks, staying at least 150 meters away from an active conflict is recommended. (see paragraph 23). 10. Medics on the server are not part of any gang and are not allowed to prioritize gangs based on their experiences as a civilian. (See paragraph 25) 11. Medical personnel are not to carry arms, should a Medic locate any kind of armaments that has been left alone, then Medics are allowed to store the weapon in the backpack or vehicle and only deliver it to the police for money. 12. Medical personnel may only use the vehicles available for their rank in the store. To use any other type vehicle, be it medical or not, permission from the owner must be granted. The act of allowing a lower leveled Medic to use a vehicle which he does not usually have access to, is only permitted during events and of the Chiefs. 13. Should anyone demand any sort of in game assistance from a Medic by the use of TeamSpeak, Steam etc., this person is to receive to lowest level of priority. This includes pokes. 14. When a fight is occurring: 15a - Gangs get 3 resurrections (not per person, only per gang) 16. When the Bank of Altis is being robbed: THIS MAY BE CHANGED! 16a - Both Gangs and Factions get 1 resurrection per person (2'nd kill = dead) The factions only get 1 medic per robbery. Once the medic is killed, no more medics can go back untill the fight is over. If the Tanoa Police Department are 8 or less online, they are allowed to get 2 resurrections. 16b. IT IS VITAL THAT YOU KEEP COUNT OF RESURRECTIONS AND KEEP OTHER MEDICS INFORMED DURING A FIGHT! MARK IT ON THE MAP! 16c. When a fight is over the resurrection count resets. 17. If a Medic gets threatened by two sides at one time, then its up to him/her to take a chance on who he/she wants to try and resurrect. The Medic should try to resurrect whatever team is in control of the situation. Either way he/she must prepare to get shot and killed. Medics first priority is to stay alive, so consider the situation before deciding who to resurrect, or if any at all. (Medics can not be killed without a death threat. I.e: “Only revive HRA”- is not a death threat. An ultimatum must be given to him/her before anyone is allowed to take lethal action). If the Medic is killed without an ultimatum, then he/she can put up a ban-request for RDM. 18. If someone is offering a Medic money for a resurrection, then he/she should take a screenshot or video of the offer. If the Medic doesn't get paid within an hour of a successful resurrection, then he/she is to report it to a superior officer. Not paying Medics when promised is considered scamming and will result in the gang/faction/civ not paying getting a 24 hour resurrection-ban. If they don't pay within those 24 hours, the resurrection-ban will be prolonged to a max of 7 days. 19. If a Medic is in a gang as a civilian he/she is NOT allowed to resurrect anyone from his/her gang as a Medic. If anyone in the civilian gang/other faction gets killed in combat, the Medic has to ask another Medic to go and resurrect in the specific area. If the Medic is the only Medic online, he/she has to wait until the fight is over before resurrecting. Favoring a civilian/gang/faction is not allowed. Exceptions can only be made if someone is killed in Safe Zone or bug-related/accidentally. 20. If a Medic is logged in as a civilian and gets killed in combat/robbery, he/she is not allowed to go back to the particular area as a medic for 15 minutes. 21a. Since the Police and Medics are working for the same government, Medics should always consider the police as high priority resurrection targets. Medics are an even higher priority. 21b. EG: “You should prioritize the police if you do not receive any bribe, etc. If you get 100k example if you ress CVD, it´s up to you whether you want to go for it or not. If I would be in the seat so I would probably ress CVD because you get 100k. There is nothing wrong that you ress CVD but then you have received a bribe as bait. But if you receive threats from both sides, you should back off (priority of your life). But if the case is that one out of the gangs have the upper hand, and you feel confident you can go for it. 22. Medics are not allowed to sell or give away Medic-gear to civs/gangs/factions. 23. Wearing other factions vests/uniforms is strictly forbidden. Hats and masks are allowed! Medics can only use other vests and uniforms in Events and Bank Robbery. 24. Medics who applied for a different faction are not allowed to resurrect the specific faction. This is considered favoring a gang/faction and will not be tolerated. When the fight is over, its OK! 25. Video proof is mandatory if Medics want justice. It is therefore recommended that they record at all times. 26. If a gang or faction says an area is safe or a fight is over, without being sure, and a medic gets killed; the Medic are to be refunded 30k by the gang/faction who first wrote the message. Therefore all factions and gangs need to secure the area before assuring the medics. 27. Impounding vehicles is only allowed if the gang/faction/owner of the vehicle is not present in the particular area, or if the vehicle seems to be abandoned or lost. Getting allowance from the vehicle owner also grants permission to impound at any given time. Police/Medic vehicles are only to be impounded if wrecked, abandoned or if given permission. It is vital that the Medics makes sure of this before impounding. 28. If you are offered money, it´s your choice whether to go for it or not. But if you receive threats from both sides, you should back off (protect your life). But if the case is that one of the gangs have the upper hand, and you feel confident you can go for it. (see paragraph 21) 29. Regarding streaming: A Medic is allowed to stream but must use at least 5 minutes delay. 30. Always check the description in the Medic Patrol Room in Teamspeak when logging on to see who is on the resurrection ban-list. 31. If you go on vacation, contact and tell the Chefs. If you are inactive for an extended period whitout telling the chiefs, you risk getting rid of your rank or removed from the Medic Force. This post will be updated as we progress ingame. If you have any suggestions, please message folkesson or Baggins on Teamspeak or on the forums.
  7. Template for medic

    Paramedic slots are only available to players who have applied and been accepted for whitelisting. It is vital that you fulfill the requirements before applying. NOTE: we are currently running a strict line when it comes to the age limit, so do not bother applying if this requirement is not fulfilled. The topics subject MUST be "Medic Application (YourForumName) [(YourCurrentIngameName)]". e.g. Medic Application Testson [[E.M.S] T. Testson] Requirements for joining the Paramedic Departement are as follows: -MUST meet the minimum age of 16 (exceptions can be made). -MUST have knowledge about basic server rules, and paramedic rules. -MUST have a working microphone! -MUST have a good command of the English language. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ It is vital that everything inside the green lines are copied and pasted into Your Paramedic Application! What is Your in-game name: Answer: What is Your Player ID #? (In ARMA main screen go to profilesettings, (select your profile) then press Unit, and change the unit to custom. Now you should see a 17dig number. Answer: Have You read all of the server rules? Answer: Have You read all of the paramedic rules? Answer: Do You promise to always act in-character and never abuse Your power while playing as a Paramedic? Answer: How long have You played on the server(hours)? Answer: How long have You played Arma 3 (hours)? Answer: Have You been a Paramedic earlier? Answer: How often do You play on the server and at what time of the day/night? Answer: Why should we picked you as a medic? Answer: Have You been banned before? If yes what have You been banned for? Answer: Can You follow orders from a younger person or higher ranked ? Answer: What do You think the medic faction would become better with? Answer: Can you fly a heli in arma ? Answer: Please provide name and background story for Your character applying to the medic (50-100 Words): Please type here: Tell us a little about your self: Please type here: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ - AS A MEDIC-TRAINEE, YOU ARE UNDER PROBATION! If You can not follow our regulations You will be removed. Accepted Paramedics will begin at the lowest rank of Medic-Trainee and can be promoted by serving well. Increased rank will open new options and abilities. - DO NOT COME TO TEAMSPEAK OR INGAME TO BOTHER ADMINS OR CHIEFS ABOUT YOUR APPLICATION - DO NOT POST IN THE SHOUTBOX OR TEAMSPEAK AND ASK US TO LOOK AT YOUR APPLICATION. YOU CAN SEE IF IT HAS BEEN WATCHED IN THE FORUM. FAILURE TO ABIDE BY THE FORMAT AND RULES GIVEN, WILL RESULT IN YOUR POST BEING DELETED.
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    jag har dyslexi så är det nått problem med det eller ?
  9. CvGamings Framtid

    Alla ni som bara sitter å klagar på att admins inte gör nått å så vidare att mappen inte är bra eller va fan nu ni klagar på men istället kom med ider till dom tror ni dom verkligen vill fortsätta när alla klagar ? sen med till alla som röstat på Altis som är 57 personer hoppas jag ju att när dom kör igång mappen att ni kommer in och spelar och inte sätter er här inne och börja gnälla på allt igen.
  10. Medic Kåren Tanoa

    1. några mer/nya kläder/hattar 2. Medic som har rankerna MR1 och MR2 inte kan köpa helli tack vare haft problem med tidigare att medic bara tar ut utan lov och så vidare. vid mer info om det bara att kontakta medic cheferna.
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    Declined om de är nått du undrar över kontakta mig eller baggins på ts
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