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  1. MHL

    Förslag ifrån B

    Härligt nu blev man bugglootad igen torskade gear värt runt 2 mille. Förstår att det inte bara är att skriva ett script på 1 sekund men det är något som verkligen behövs patchas... om ni behöver hjälp så kan jag erbjuda mig som testkanin. Har lite erfarenhet av C# om ni skulle behöva hjälp med kod. // Humle
  2. MHL


    Hasses Bois M. Humle Amir chernovsky
  3. MHL

    Förslag ifrån B

    Lite bump på tråden igen. Håller helt med. Polisen åker omkring med ghosthawk och hunters samt att NLA och andra gäng kommer dit. Finns inte en chans för ett gang att klara av bandit
  4. MHL

    Ban request - Mehmot &

    Request Information Name: M. Humle Offender-Name: [BKG] Mehmot (CyrusJR) and [BKG] Joaquìn Gusmán Date: 2019-01-10 ~ 17:00 Which rule(s) were broken: Evidence tampering and organised scamming - [BKG] Mehmot (CyrusJR) Scamming & changing price after purchase - [BKG] Joaquìn Gusmán Additional information: I (Humle) was going to buy a lvl 3 vest from [BKG] Joaquìn Gusmán and we agreed on a price of 1 million. Then after Gusman took the vest from his house he came to me and we agreed again on 1 million. I paid him the money and he didnt drop the vest. He said the price was 1.4 million. I gave him the 400 000 dollar more becuase he didnt want to give me refund of the million that i gave him first. Then when Gusman dropped the vest his friend [BKG] Mehmot (CyrusJR) took the vest immediately and i didnt have a chance to pick it up or to ask him to put in to my car. After that i get really mad and start knocking him down and tell him to drop the vest or ill keep knocking him. He doesnt want to drop the vest until later in the video where he drops the vest in the middle of the airport and screams "the first one to pick it up keeps it" i pick it up first luckely and now i get a banrequest where mehmot cut out the important part where he doesnt drop the vest or where he steals it. Things i want to happen: BKG nearly gets a banrequest daily, they keep destroying the fun of arma. They are heavy dupers and should be banned as soon there is evidence. I would like them to get a ban for this scamming and trolling. I DONT WANT A REFUND FOR MY 400K I JUST WANT THEM BANNED. they bring nothing new or good to the server, they troll and take every chance to break the rules if they know they can get away with it. Please feel free to ban them. I swear alot and disrespect them, i wont defend my words or the knocking but i got really mad and dissapointed since it takes awhile to farm 1.4 million. I play this game to have fun with friends and i dont want to have to record everything but if i wouldt record this they would have gotten away with it. What if they scam some new player that spent all of his money on this vest, you would loose that player. VIDEO: https://plays.tv/video/5c376e671ad4852329/bkg TIMESTAMPS: 10:10 - Joaquin arrives and we start with the deal. I give him the money. 10:45 - Since we couldnt agree on a price. I ask him for the money back and he says no. 11:00 - Mehmot arrives. 11:35 - I tell him i'll give him 400k more so he doesnt leave with my vest. 11:50 - He drops the vest and Mehmot steals the vest directly. He gave me no chance to tell him to leave it in the car 12:01 - i say "give me the f***ing vest." Mehmot says "I found it on the ground, goodbye." 12:07 - I wait for him to drop the vest if he was joking. He ask me if i want to buy it from him... and i knock him so he doesnt leave with the vest. 13:41 - I give him another chance to drop the vest if he was joking with me. 18:15 - Mehmot tries to give the vest to IS-B Pim and then he says "The one who takes it first gets the vest. Right infront of IS-B Pim" EDIT: The title is wrong the banrequest is for [BKG] Joaquìn Gusmán [BKG] Mehmot (CyrusJR)
  5. MHL

    Banrequest [B] M.HUMLE

    In the video i qoute: "Hämta en bil och kör över han eller knocka han." Bra där!
  6. MHL

    Banrequest [B] M.HUMLE

    Context that cyrusJR (BKG mehmot) cut away. First i was buying a lvl 3 vest for 1.0 mil. Then his friend that i bought the vest from changed the price when i already gave him the money to 1.4 mil so i gave him 400k extra. After that cyrusJR picks up the vest and i dont have any chance to tell him to put it in the car or pick it up. So i start knocking him because he starts running away. Video is comming up. EDIT: This is evidence tampering since you remove a lot of context.
  7. MHL

    Förslag ifrån B

    I came up with something more. Perhaps 2 of the chopchops and make a special one for airplanes and helicopters. This would make it harder to chopchop others vehicle. Why should we make it harder? Because chopchop removes the vehicle fully even if you have insurance. This is op asf in my opinion.
  8. MHL

    Förslag ifrån B

    Good point darwin. I was thinking it being really expensive and rare.
  9. Hello admins, players and members of cvgaming. Here is some suggestions that me fellow members of B has been thinking of. Stuff we want to see change. 1. Fix buglooting. What is buglooting? Buglooting is when you bug yourself in to someones house and steal all the loot in the chest(s). This means all of your loot gets lost and most of the times you can't get a refund unless you have your loot on record. The fix? I (Humle) suggest logs as the fix for this. How would this logs work? Let's say i bugloot someones house. The logs would record me opening the box and i would get banned as soon as the player in the house notices that someting is missing. The logs would record and save my name, id and perhaps ip. 2. Fix kick bug. This bug kicks you randomly from the server which leads to loss of gear and can lead to loss of a vehicle (heli, airplane etc). 3. Balance the farming and fix the worthless farm. As Devious previously stated Right now everybody either does cocaine with airplane or guns with helicopter. Perhaps make farming with truck such ass HEMTT or ZAMAK more profitable since it takes more commitment compared to airplane or heli. 4. Create a casino! This would be a fun option to making money and would give some more option to just farming or robbing. I would suggest Blackjack or roulette since i know there is already made up scripts. 5. Add more stuff to ganghideout. Someting fun that would make a difference ingame in playstyles (sniping, cqb etc) and would be new guns, clothing and attachments to guns. some suggestions i have: DMS (sight). Ghillie suit (expensive asf ofc) TRG-21? SPAR-16?
  10. MHL

    Ban request: BKG? 2019-01-04 18.00

    Kommer inte spamma. Darwin bad mig lägga upp och skriva detta.
  11. Request Information Name: M. Humle Offender-Name: The BKG clan Date: 2019-01-04 - 18.00 Which rule(s) were broken: Trolling / RDM Additional information: after kos off was agreed upon BKG engaged as soon as the medic revived and there was no chance to get out of the place. https://plays.tv/video/5c2f94cce15250a6dc/mer-skit TIMESTAMPS: 00:00 - Kos off was agreed on. 09:45 - Medic arrives 10:40 - BKG ARRIVES 14:00 - BKG ENGAGE
  12. Request Information Name: M. Humle Offender-Name: [O.G]S.kauppinen Date: 2019-01-04 - <16:58> Which rule(s) were broken: VDM Additional information: https://plays.tv/video/5c2f8029c7859e9ac3/vdm Video speaks for itself. EDIT: I dont want to get a refund, i want him banned.
  13. MHL

    Event: 2v2 PvP Arena: Friday 4/1 20:30

    Team: Team Strööginatoor Player 1: M. Humle Player 2: Kaffecup
  14. MHL

    Ban Request [B] Rizze

    https://plays.tv/video/5c2cb7fa233d7bb5e8/bevis Här hör man klart o tydligt. Du har dessutom ändrat så att ljudet är lägre.

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