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  1. Im trying to come here to play on this server and i meet a rude medic that shoot a civ. Not funny if you ask me
  2. the things i said was pure RP, im new on this server. Im used to other RP servers,but are medics allowed with katibas? and you said your name at kavala and of course i remember the name. At the garage in kavala you where very rude and said stuff like ''move you car you fucking idiot'' and ''do you have CP?'' and i dont think a medic should say stuff like that to a civ. A medic is there to help. And the reason i said homosexual and black man was because on of the ufa he was joking around and said homosexual and stuff. But on the serverers i am from, medics cant go around with katibas and shooting civs.
  3. Name: Sir.K Offender name: [Medic] Amos Moses date: about 10 min reason: RDM Medic amos moses killed me at the curch outside kavala. amos took a katiba from ufa and killed me with no reason at all. http://steamcommunity.com/id/TrinityTOONY/screenshot/159152094132227368
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