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  1. as i said this is not the first time i think i actually have enh vidio then someone must happen now. i am tired of it now, sorry for the language
  2. me my friend Adam was going to gang hideout 1, when we got a lot of my helicopters, and we got some shot behind us, someone hit the hellicopter, after that we got a message to land or they shot us down, then we settle for to stick to the caval safe zone to reprint it for this there were 2-3 breaches of the rules at once, it's not the first time rdm of they happened to us or me.! I can also send with a picture of those who were active in the hallway where to show that it is necessary - by nexxosuport
  3. Nexxo

    [FBI] Adam Banreq

    vi vis vi faktisk gjorde noe galt, så skal jeg beklage her å nå på det sterkeste, men jeg kan ikke helt se at det var galt av oss det vi gjorde.
  4. Nexxo

    [FBI] Adam Banreq

    bare at vi kom som 3 part siden de 2 var vis i en engage, fra før. så da sier loven at vi ikke skal time med noen av de 2 andre lagene så vi gjorde det riktig. å når vi kom dit da vi ble engage, så trodde vi de var i samme gruppe først.
  5. How to do a banappeal (template) Create a new topic like this: "[ban appeal] *In-Game name*" (ie: [ban appeal] Afriel) Copy this template and answer the questions and statements below. Appeal Information Name: *[FBI]dayznexxo* (optional: guid) Date: 1998-02-07 - <Time it happened> Reason: Explain your point of view as much as in-depth as possible. If you have any proof of the users guilt in form of links, post them here. on engelsk I see now that there is a serious breach of the rules, if you had given me some time, we could fix it, yes I sign 7 minutes later because you know how much it was. I thought I had him when we first walked into the house since he saw him earlier when he went to hidaut. but then he must not have heard me or I have to speak in the wrong voice chat. I am very sorry for that. .... also has no vidjo of the entire sitwash, because my pc will not pull the rec program at the same time i play said just starting to lay. on svensk Jag ser nu att det finns ett allvarligt brott mot reglerna, om du hade givit mig tid, kunde vi fixa det, ja jag skriver 7 minuter senare eftersom du vet vilken dag det var. Jag trodde att jag hade honom när vi först gick in i huset eftersom han såg honom tidigare när han gick till hidaut. men då måste han inte ha hört mig eller jag måste prata i fel röstchatt. Jag är mycket ledsen för det. .... har inte någon vidjo av hela sitwash, eftersom min dator inte kommer att dra rec programmet samtidigt som jag spelade sa att jag bara började lägga. 3. Wait patiently for a response.
  6. Nexxo

    [FBI] Adam Banreq


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