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Found 3 results

  1. Transport Event I've seen some of you starting to get tired so I thought, why not another event?! Tomorrow at 20:00 (CEST) a transport driven by the A.M.P will make a delivery to the A.P.D HQ in Kavala. Your Task Your job is to try stopping this vehicle loaded with heavy weapons, though it won't be easy. The transport vehicle is a Hemtt Box which is highly protected by A.M.P members, they will have Hunters escorting it. The Hemtt will leave the A.M.P HQ by 20:00, you are not allowed to camp outside the HQ (Consequence will follow if you do so), although you can try to stop it as it drives down the main road. Remember that the Hemtt is allowed to drive on dirt roads aswell if they feel threatned on the main road. The event will end when A.M.P has arrived in Kavala, you are not allowed to spike them in the safezone. Any kind of griefing through the event will result in a ban. You only have 1 life while participating in this event, when you're dead, your not allowed to come back. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me on TeamSpeak! (Map of the route will be added here!)
  2. THE PURGE EVENT This event is a reoccurring event that can be triggered by the admins (rank 3 or above). Its scheduled to run ONCE a week! The idea behind this event is based on the movie The Purge. The whole concept is not about killing and more violence, its about doing something together and have something to look forward to. Perhaps you can RP like crazy during the week and save your frustration to this event and then trying to find the person you have a beef with w/o any rules for about 30minutes. This might highlight the importance of RP and behavior on the server unless you want to be hunted! The movie was interesting and as an event this could work very well or not at all. Lets see how this event progress and its heavily based upon community feedback! Hopefully we all have a blast and some good times! This is how it works: Once triggered there will be a SMS sent to give you an headsup about the commencement of The Purge, you have 5 minutes before the event starts at this point! Now you have 2 options: Fight or Flee (Prepare for fight or get to Safezones incase you dont wish to participate). When the 5 minutes have passed you receive an SMS letting you know the START of the event and there will be an alarm played on loudspeakers scattered around the map (mainly in cities and checkpoints) to help out identifying the start of the event. After that you will keep getting time updates every 5min via SMS for the remaining 30minutes of the Event! All emergency services are suspended during the event! (such as medic ressing and police services). Rules/Details: Time: Event last for 30 minutes and it runs once a week (A small post in shoutbox/ingame will be made by the admin who triggers it in advance). Where: Everywhere. Safezones are the only safe place where you can escape the event. Rules: SafeZones = Safe. RDM is allowed on the map. VDM is not allowed. New Life Rule (NLR) must be respected. Cops Medics and Rebels are allowed to participate in the event. All regular emergency services is offline for the 30minute event (no resses, no sending to jail, no searching vehicles etc). NEW: News-Crew are immune during the Purge and shall not be harmed. Hunters and Ifrits are not allowed during the Purge Once you die, you have to respawn (no medic ress) No personal insults or acts of aggression via vocal means (no bad language!) Gangs are allowed to co-operate (but remember, its The Purge, even your friends might not be trustworthy!) Else there is not much rules. Once the event is over normal rules are back into effect and you are once again being flagged down for the crimes you commit. There is no glory to be claimed or any cash rewards. This event is purely for server RP/Community purpose! SCHEDULE: 2015-05-31th (Sunday) during 19-23 restart - admin: hitem 2015-06-01 (Monday) During 19-23 restart - admin: Afriel 2015-06-21 (Sunday) During 19-23 restart - admin: Goatis 2015-06-23 (Tuesday) During 19-23 restart - admin: Goatis (1 hour) 2015-07-12 (Sunday) During 19-23 restart - admin: Goatis Remember that this event is not a permanent event, just something to get us started and hopefully some good feedback comes out of it and we will bring with us the knowledge for future events! Thanks to Demigod for making the base script! ​Thanks to Harry for lending us his voice (i, hitem, still accept submitions tho incase you believe you can do better!)
  3. Hej jag hade tänkt i morgon en guide tur får alla nya spelar. kommer prata om lite olika saker vad dom är till. och svara på frågor. efter som ni frågar mycket saker i side chatt . och inga vapen ska vara med. vi kommer åka utan för safe zone hoppas folk kan förstå att dom inte ska råna oss. den kommer börja i kvala sedan kommer vi åka runt hela kartan nästan hela. det är gratis..... det finns ju bara 15 platser så kommer köra flera gånger om det är många guidad tur på altis flyttat till 19:00 istället får ska iväg på en viktig sak mvh SikTa Hey I was going tomorrow a guided tour, all new plays. will talk about some different things what they are. and answer questions. after that you ask a lot of things in silk chat. and no weapons will be. we will go without the SafeZone hope people can understand that they're not going to rob us. it will begin to qualify then we'll go around the entire map almost all. it's free ..... there is only 15 places will run multiple times if there are many at 15:00 Sincerely aim
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