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Fladder ^,-


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Hi peepz <3 get ready for the most retarded and longest piece of shit u have ever read in this forum so far...


Short info



Name: Sebastian "Fladder" Näslund

Age: 24

Country Sweden

Region Medelpal/Västernorrland/Sundsvall

Race Human

Class Male kriger



Longer story/Personal story- You can leave now if u want to, This is just me being nice and telling u everything about me....



Gonna try and stick everything i remember and know about myself in this thread to make sure that u all know me as much as possible so i can ignore all the questions i get on TS and in-game :P



23 years ago....

My mom left me to my dad since she had no time or just didnt want me, i dont really know and i dont really care, been living with my father since i were 11 months old and up to the age of 11. On my 11th birthday i started seeing my mother again and ended up being there 1 weekend every 3 weeks. At the age of 12 she started acting strange and also started bullying and hitting me, also made me stand in a door opening for 2-3 hours everytime i came from my dad having a question spree and kinda forced me to say that i had a bad time at my dad's place or i would be standing there for a long time until i did, this lasted for 5 years and i got sick of it when i became older and bigger inside. I started working out and taking martial arts classes to get rid of my rage (Also have ADHD), One day she hit me for the last time, i hit back... and massive... she ended up on the floor screaming i were assaulting her and my stepdad stepped inside took me to the car and droove me to my father and told me to forget about my mother, That same day he left her and took my 2 sisters with her. i ended up being on the streets alot with friends i wish i never met in the first place, did alot of shit im not gonna bring up to speech at this time but let's just say it was pretty bad shit. I met my fiance Sandra in 2006 and we started hanging out alot, i kept on doing my shit with my friends and after about 2 years she made me stop all that shit and i started living with her and her parents. At this time my stepdad needed help with my mother, she had started an investigation and blaming my stepdad of hitting my sisters, Since i knew this was faulthy i agreed to witness for him. That was the last time i faced my mother, My stepdad ended up getting custody of 1 of my sisters, sadly im not allowed to see my other sister and i guess i have to live with that until the day she decides to see me herself.

At this time i started getting deeper and deeper with Sandra and i decided to fix my fucking life once and for all. I went back to gym and got rid of the last of my stored rage and went to my local municipal building and talked to social services, They agreed to help me out and today i live in my own appartment with my fiance and my 9 month old kid Samuel.


Now after almost a year here at CvGaming i would like to thank everyone i've meet here and started to become personally good friends with for helping me to keep my life straight and positive. Without your friendship and friendly community i would most likely of been a really shitty parent and fiance. So i would love to thank you for the following


  • Keeping me busy socially
  • Playing games with me so i wouldnt get an idea of going out to be with my old "friends"
  • Making my days special everyday <3
  • Being friendly and make me think positive
  • Validate me as the person i am and not force me to be something im not.
  • For not judging me for my habit of feeling bad about something that could seem strange to some
  • And last but not least Thank you for letting me be a part of this amazing community <3

The desire to get people to like me for the man i am now feels accomplished Thank you <3


If there is anything else u would like to know about me feel free to send a PM or talk to me on TS




Edited by Fladder
Updating with my current state of mind
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Fan va roligt att höra att saker går framåt!


Det som fångade mitt öga är ditt nick, minns du en D-TOX ifall du lirade 1.6 back in the days? Jag har för mig du har varit en del av mina spelservrar på den tiden! :)

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