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  1. To Admins

    I said I wasn't gonna make a big whine post about how the server is being handled but I just can't be quiet about it. First of all it felt very serious we all helped out by donating for a new server and we got a new server, was all good (lagg issues was fixted). We changed admins and there I felt it was going to be a great server. Admins where very hungry on making the server a top server. Atleast that was my feeling. We had some event and it was very fun atleast what I think. But when bam had to go afk from the game the events stoped. I know people have other things they have to do irl. not complaning about that at all. Admins not very active on the forums by checking posts or even telling the players what is going on with the server, what changes where made or even make a post about the server wipe. We make polls that ended but still we don't know nothing what will happen? Just ended and removed? stuff like that piss me off. I report a player for painting some improper stuff ingame, takes 2 weeks to "solve" it? I get a pm form Samauel 3 hr's before (some of the admins) decide to wipe the server. wow 3 hr's before the wipe you think?! I atleast I feel that it's very bad, the hours we have spend on buldingup? all gone with a 3 hrs warning. I Was very aware of that a whipe had be done. but did not think id get 3 hours warning. I ask if he can delay it so we can have a big fight, he says we already let people raid us. Well it more players on the server then just you i think. still no post that the server have been whiped, i know a few are on vecation but maybe they still care about what happens on the server? maybe they deserve to know what is happening to there game aswell not some few people that hang around on ts? Don't forget that we all helped out to donate for the server. We deserve to know what happens to the server.
  2. 2015-11-06 Some changes have been made to the server: Players do 12.5% more damage (inc C4). Players take 12.5% less damage. Dinos take 12.5% more damage. Structure take 12.5% less damage (C4 do 12.5% more damage so it take same damage from explosives.
  3. Baby Maturation Speed

    Would have agreed on that if the dino level wasent 120 as it is now. should take even longer to make thos babys atm, just my opinion.
  4. How to attract new players

    Rank 202 atm. Go vote friends and bump the steam post
  5. Event Quetzal fight

    Shotgunen måste träffa fler kulor för att den ska göra riktigt ont. Den gör 494 dmg om man träffar alla 10 kulor (den sprutar ut 10 skott per round) Den är bäst på fåglar och inomhus tycker ja. Ja nya snipern såg väldigt imponerande ut!
  6. Thoughts about the Quetz Arena 10/16

    Very smooth handling of the event even with the changes midgame. Just like to get the info about the events a few days before it happens on the forums that would be super awesome Prices are good but not to good I think you made good choices . Maybe have some sort of joining price just for playing, something smaller might be good for getting in more players for the event. Much love to Fille_fillur our ballista driver
  7. Event Quetzal fight

    Aim of god!
  8. How to attract new players

    Vote here: http://toparkservers.com/server/ Bump this: http://steamcommunity.com/app/346110/discussions/10/483367798509787831/ Got some thoughts about how to help out new players joning the server. Make Raw Meat, Majo Mejoberry stronger then original. Lower the exp needed to get to around 20-25.
  9. Turrets on Metal

    There is so much metal around in the game now, can understand if it was when the game was new and the metal was very rare.
  10. Varg arena 10/09

    Inspelning varg arenan (10/09) riktigt kul och bra planerat event! Match 1 Match 2 match 1 vart 2
  11. R.I.P Raptor/fågel!

    hittade den i skogen, kitade den mittemot carnoön. står där nu
  12. Helping links

    Some good links that i use all the time, helping out alot with Ark related stuff. Taming calculator: http://ark.crumplecorn.com/taming/ Crafting calculator: http://ark.franckrst.com/resource Wiki: http://ark.gamepedia.com/
  13. Framtida mål

    jo absolut mycket bättre och lättare att hitta information. vilket är bra
  14. Framtida mål

    Grymt ful sida om du frågar mig : p men ja bättre än ett sub-forum
  15. Dino lev 120

    id like to hear from someone that voted for dino lev 120 why they think it will make the game better. Same i like to feel afraid whiöe roaming around, but not afraid from beeing pickedup by some jerk on a Argentavis and be defendless. Wild dinos should be way stronger then they are atm, there is a mod that makes dinos harder but adds other stuff so maybe not a good idea to use it. but it can't be that hard to make some sort of settings to make wild dinos harder without destroying the balance of the game.

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