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  1. The Center - New dinos

    Have you found the new dino or do you still want me to run a kill all wild dinos? Sorry I missed youre post, saw it now. If its something urgent you can always find me at steam, Tess.
  2. Ip for server

    Scorched earth Center
  3. Ip for server

    Hey. Some have problems to find the server sometime in the unofficial list or favorites. You can then try to search for it on IP. The Ip for the island is Or just search the unofficial list for cvg
  4. The Center too!

    Åh, Tack Goatis! Bockar och Niger
  5. The Center too!

    Thanks Kebre
  6. The Center too!

    The new Ip is to the island and the server is up and running. I helped Dragoner to join the server
  7. The Center too!

    To find the servers just search for Cv in the unofficial list and you will get them all 3 alone on screen. You can search for [EU] if you want and then its the top 3 servers in the list. very easy to find
  8. The Center too!

    We now have all 3 maps up and running in the same cluster so that you can travel between them as you choose. Be careful travelling with gear, its still a bit buggy as you know, things sometimes dissapears. fly safe
  9. We added The Center as well so now you can travel between all 3 worlds in the cluster. Have fun !
  10. Hey. I hope you all in the community know about our ARK-server. CvGaming has a server running The Island and its linked to the dlc Scorched Earth that makes it possible to travel between the maps taking stuff and dinos with you. Of course there is dinos in the dlc you cannot find on The Island such as dragons and chain saws. We are a group off people that has been playing a while and we always welcome new players. It is a pvp-server but is friendly most off the time =). If you are new and need a hand there is always someone that can give you a hand. If you havent heard off ARK it is a survivalgame where you wake up stranded on a island with nothing, not even clothes! You are surrounded by beutiful landscape and deep oceans all containing stuff that want to kill you. There is dinos in the water, on land and in the air. Even moscitos and ants will eat you up. Most dinos you are able to tame and use as you grow in the game and they will help you to build a base and a defense, you never know who comes knocking at youre door. Be sure to lock it and turn the lights out. We have a section on this forum if you scroll down and we are also on teamspeak. Tess and Zane are admins and we are happy to answear any questions you might have. You will find the server at [EU] CvG -5xBreed3xALL *Island (cross to scorched) Hope to see you ingame. //Tess
  11. Rules.

    Some rules on the server. 1. Dont grind people. Dont kill them over and over and wipe them out. Dont go around killing new players just for fun over and over. 2. You may build whereever you want to. All over, behind every rock and tree. 3. No racism, bullying och foul language. You can smack around in chat but try keep it civil. 4. The admins on this server play the game as players as well and are not protected by the star - and we dont spawn stuff. We like to play the games as it is. We are admins to help out if needed, otherwise we play. We put alot off time trying to get the server to run as smooth as possible as well cause we like the game and a good community and some fun pvp then and then. 5. Its not ok to change name or tribe in attempt to blame another tribe or player. This is a way off using the travel between maps and not standing up for the raid you do. Me as admin will try and help the tribe raided by logs and steam-id to try and find who did it. We are all adults and one off theese rules shouldnt be necessary but it seams like it is so I am putting in it here now. If you break the rules you could get a warning or even be banned - for days or life
  12. Now you can travel between the map and to do so you have to go to a obelisk. There you upload youre items in the cloud, you upload youre animals (needs to stand on the obelisk platform) and you upload youre survivor. Then you choose travel up in the right corner. You can then download youre stuff from the obelisk. Note - uploaded stuff in the cloud has a timelimit, if they are not removed it will dissapear when time is up. Important! Empty youre inventory and the animals inventory. Everything will dissapear even he saddle. You have to upload the items one by one. On the island you will have to create a tribe again, that wont follow with you. You will keep youre tribe as usual on the scorched. We have had some issues with travel from island to scorhed when the game freezez, its gamerelated and we cant control this. Shut down ark and look up the scorched in serverlist and enter the scorched map and you will find youre survivor there. You can add me on Steam if you want, Tess. You can also add Zane, he is called KTG on steam. I may not be on the map you are having trouble at atm, so poke me and I will help you as soon as I can. I am really happy that we got this up and running and can offer the entire game to the players. We choose The Island cause there is better support. less bugs and it always get the updates first. Do not move metalfoundations in transfer - they will disapear Have fun ! Tess
  13. Hey all !

    I updated the rules and we are gonna use this forum for now since the other forum got problems with spam and stuff.

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