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  1. Hey. I hope you all in the community know about our ARK-server. CvGaming has a server running The Island and its linked to the dlc Scorched Earth that makes it possible to travel between the maps taking stuff and dinos with you. Of course there is dinos in the dlc you cannot find on The Island such as dragons and chain saws. We are a group off people that has been playing a while and we always welcome new players. It is a pvp-server but is friendly most off the time =). If you are new and need a hand there is always someone that can give you a hand. If you havent heard off ARK it is a survivalgame where you wake up stranded on a island with nothing, not even clothes! You are surrounded by beutiful landscape and deep oceans all containing stuff that want to kill you. There is dinos in the water, on land and in the air. Even moscitos and ants will eat you up. Most dinos you are able to tame and use as you grow in the game and they will help you to build a base and a defense, you never know who comes knocking at youre door. Be sure to lock it and turn the lights out. We have a section on this forum if you scroll down and we are also on teamspeak. Tess and Zane are admins and we are happy to answear any questions you might have. You will find the server at [EU] CvG -5xBreed3xALL *Island (cross to scorched) Hope to see you ingame. //Tess
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