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    Jul is superdupercool and awesome :) And i hate Eurozze <3


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  1. Under den ön så ligger ju Stratis med
  2. Haha yeah... im in this one.. Damn Death race haha
  3. Name: [Medic] Muhammed Offender-Name: Carl Date: 2015-01-03 Reason: 2 people was dead at kavala checkpoint so i got there to ress then when i tried to land the first time somone started shooting at my heli with no warning.. so i texted the cops and told them that my heli is taking fire at the checkpoint and that i needed help.. a police Hatchback came fast and i started to land the second i landed and got out of the heli this guy "Carl" started shooting at me still with no warning.. i yelled to him to stop as its RDM but he killed me. Pics: I die: http://gyazo.com/f15e8881e21bd571c524ce6fc3464236 Carl gets killed by the cops: http://gyazo.com/859ab14af4fe4ad7403c4b8d24132c03 Carl Loggs off: http://gyazo.com/641638c85e37c84b543f434ca017b014
  4. Name: [Medic] Muhammed Offender-Name: [P.Y] Hùndo Date: 2015-01-03 Reason: Was flying around ressing and found Hùndos body at Agios ressed him but he had exited the game and then i see in the chat that he died and then e instant disconnected http://gyazo.com/ed125c738f63e009e400dfd236a21898
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