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  1. Ban appeal J.Ramirez

    Name: J.Ramirez Date: December, last year. Reason: I got banned for being a dick towards legacy, which i am truely sorry for. I would appriciate another chance on this server, but i will respect it if i won't get one. I was very inmature, and i will swear that nothing like that will ever happen again. My behaviour was not acceptable at all, and i owe everybody an apology.
  2. är du seriös?

    mx with dms?
  3. J.Ramirez ban appeal

    Name: J.Ramirez Date: last year, december Reason: I got banned because i had a bad attitude against Legacy, which i am truly sorry for, and i tried to apoligize. Well, i guess that's no longer an option, but some pepole know how bad i felt after what happend. I waited for three hours for him the day it happend, but never saw him. Well, i accept that i got banned. I wont cry about it because i had the consequences coming. My behaviour was not acceptable at all, and i owe everybody an apology. I'm sorry for the problems i may have caused. What happened was that i acted immaturely, I was not entirely myself when this happend. I would undrestand it if i don't get accepted, but i can promise that it wont happen again. Best regards, Ramirez.
  4. En snus om morgon ar alltid lackra <3 but i don't see the point of ''streike'' in this case. Take it up with one of the admins, in stead of ''streike''
  5. Hello CVG! Thank you for 3 years. Many ask me why I did this to myself? I was frustrated, tired of it all. But now, you shall also know what I'm going in the future. I'm going in the military, should the session part 2 soon, and after that I thought and educate me as a good marine. What? Ramirez is going to the Marines? Yeah. That's what I want, serv, and protect my home country. Then I do not have much time for gaming and stuff. Thanks for three gorcheous years must truly say that I love the people here. Whether many have been assholes to me. I am fully aware of things, things are different when I am Norwegian. It is like that everywhere, yes I came to a Swedish arma society, and then I have to respect the fact that I can be seen negatively. Thank you for your attention! Going and miss you all! Thank you for everyone who i have have a nice RP session with, and specially thanks to Bobbi.R Thorsten Stefan O Legacy Lallish Chefen Bachne Kafadog Bengstsson G.Kasper Darwin Goliat Amadi Hardman Rarre NicoDiken Kupa Marly Bracket Fude Pettson Sharkie Espen SikTa Oberg Hitem Harry Marple Zacharias xAluzions Rasmus/Hudson Thanks to the lovely Admins, Lovely players, Cv-D, SC, NLA, APD, EMS, but now let me get ahead in life. Sincerly -Ramirez One last thing. En snus om morgon ar alltid lackra!!!!
  6. CvG Highlights #19 civ lajf

    (cringe alert) (cringe alert) (cringe alert) Sometimes i wish i was you. Sometimes i wish that i was a ninja a black ninja cat Sometimes i wish that i had a mk18 Sometimes i wish that i one clicked chefen from 1.5 km over and over again Sometimes i wish that i didn't owe rarre 7 mill at CVG Bank? Money?Cvg?Altis? nah i just owe Rarre 7 million? Nah, i'm too cool for that. EN SNUS OM MORGON AR ALLTID LACKRA! Nice montage btw
  7. Goodbye CVG Montage//Arma Montage V.4

    well yea the first was some bots.but Thats only the kills i was showing in this video for shit and geeks. Maybe i killed olson? Maybe i traded with bobbi? Maybe i killed bengtson
  8. Goodbye CVG Montage//Arma Montage V.4

    <3 You too lilla downie xD
  9. Goodbye CVG Montage//Arma Montage V.4

    Maybe legacy can transfere some of my gear to you i dont have much right now.
  10. Goodbye CVG Montage//Arma Montage V.4