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Joaguìn Gusmán

Joaguìn Gusmán Ansökan

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What is Your in-game?:

Joaguìn Gusmán

What is Forum name?:

Joaguìn Gusmán

What is Your Player ID #? (In ARMA main screen go to profilesettings, (select your profile) then press Unit, and change the unit to custom. Now you should see a 17dig number.


How old are you?


Do you speak both swedish and english?

yes i speak english and swedish

Have You read all of the server rules and the Medic rules?

yes and i understand all the rules

How long have You played on the server(hours)?

400 houers

How long have You played Arma 3 (hours)?

1000 houers allmost

Why do you want to become a medic? (minimum 50 words)

I want to be a medic to be able to enter more in RP senarium to do so many more on the server want RP, think it is an important part of an RP server to take advantage of RP occasions instead just to help them up, then go from there
better and make it a fun thing and you can hope that the other partner you help does the same to one.
This can also mean that you can work upwards both as a self and on the server to bring out the fun in RP which is that you should RP as much as you can without having to shoot all the time.

many just want to kill, kill and kill, but it is not important in altis, the important thing is that you can talk to each other and make funny tendons towards each other instead of killing, because i want to be medic to be able to show what you are going for RP.

Describe what you think that a medic does? (minimum 40 words)

medic should help others who are injured or need help with something else that you can do, but be careful about the lives of others and you should help them out of a bad place, and get them to a safe place, and investigate the person so it is not damaged. one should also be careful with his own life and not believe that people do not harm medics, even they can be injured, run over, need help from others. Most important of all, you should protect them from being innocent and get rid of them from the place that is dangerous

Have You been a Paramedic earlier or played in another faction on CVGaming?

no i haven't played like any other role on cv except civil, therefore i want to try something new and hope this leads to something fun and exciting,but has played as other roles on other alti servers within RP

How often do You play on the server and at what time of the day/night?

time varies depending on how i work but often evenings / nights, or earlier morns, but right now from the afternoon to evening

Why should we pick you as a medic? (minimum 40 words)

you should bring me in because I can give my all time to create fun tendons to get out RP, which this server should have more than what it has in both civil life and as a police officer it does not really have right now according to me, And then one can be between the role of civilian and police and RP with both, otherwise very difficult and get in touch with the police just right. I want to show that everyone can and wants RP if you just try and therefore I should go in as my role I am and take the one that I read from it and create a fun role, but even a safe role that everyone can come and talk to and will not take anyone's side,

you should be able to see me come and feel safe when I am close to getting their help as you should.

Have You been banned on this server? If yes what have You been banned for?

i dont think so, nothing i remeber or know about.

What can you bring to the medic force?

I will take most of it with me. a calm character who wants RP with everyone and everything, create big RP senarium both with me police and civilians so everyone can go together, so also others can take the chance to be able to move on from civil life, to maybe police or medic, towing. even rebels. I will get a new page of medic, instead of as it is today that you come to a place, it helps then it goes on, then they are not RP then they are to get money, you have to spend time on everyone who is at all, it makes everyone understand RP more.

What qualities do you think a medic should have that fits you, name at least 4 pieces

1: strong 

2: brave

3: respectful

4: thinker

5: cherish


Do you have any past experience with role-playing on this or any other server? 

Yes, from v8gaming, nordikRP, gamepoint.

Can You follow orders from a younger person or higher ranked? Yes/No


If we are going to accept you, are you going to be active? Yes/No


What do You think the medic faction should become better with?

RP in the first instance, it must take care of all times they have the chance to do something fun when someone dies or calls them, take care and not be so money craving.

Can you provide a role-play name and a role-play background for the character applying to the medic force? (Minimum 60 Words):

My name is Joaguìn Gusmán, I come from the southern side of France, but grew up in altis and been in altis now for almost 30 years. came to sweden as 6 year old. have gone to school in sweden but have not got a job yet, or at least no real job, mostly garbage man or cleaner, but nothing i want to be anymore. plugged in school to doctors but unfortunately lived too far away so could not pursue work like that after school when the hospital was too far away, but now i have moved closer and therefore i want to go on my dream to help the people in altis, have a little break in norränen from time to time, and sometimes i can lose myself in the french words but they notice fast when no one understands what i say.

Tell us a little about your self:

i am from stockholm, i am 20 years old. working, my spare time I play and find other things, but some play when you find some fun game.

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Hello, The applications to medic is closed at the moment. But it will open again soon.


Other qustions? Or when the apps is going to open | Contact me (Linus.L) on teamspeak

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