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Bulkbondens Tjänstgöring

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In-Game Name? :BulkBonden

What is your Player ID #? (In ARMA main screen go to Config/Profiles (select your profile) Then you should see a 17 Digit number)

Age? :19

Do you speak both Swedish and English?: yes

Do you have any past experience about being a police officer on this or other servers?:yes

If yes, what servers?: Cvgaming

Do you have a working microphone?: i sure do

How long have you played on CvGaming?: way too long around 1000 hours

Have you been banned before?: negative

Do you promise to always act in-character and never abuse your power while playing as a police officer?:I do

Are you ready to leave your civ gang to become a police officer to avoid conflicts?:absolutely 

Can you follow orders from a younger person?:Should be no problem



What qualities do you think a CvGaming Police officer should have that fits you, name at least 5 pieces

1) Flexible


4) common sense

5) Calm and patience


Describe why you would like to play as a police officer?:

I like too approach people and roleplay just for the sake of roleplaying. I've also applied for police university in Umeå so would be fun just to play around and pretend to be a cop.


Briefly describe the various tasks of a police officer?:

Helping people with whatever they might want help with.

Working as a unit and taking orders from others.

Making the game more realistic by being a rolemodel for new players, roleplaying in a way that makes it feel "realistic".

Fight criminals!


Describe what YOU expect out of your fellow officers?:

Maturity .

obey orders if im in a position to give orders.


A great time when playing together.

What is your input on using lethal force?:

You gotta do what you gotta do!

If it is to protect either you or other civilians it and you see no other way out of it start using lethal force.

Lethal force is always the last thing you should consider.

Describe why YOU would be a good addition to the police force?:

Played for a long time and have some experience with being a officer. Im a calm guy with patience who just wants to play the game and make the experience better for others.

Im a great teamplayer.

What is your input on respect, loyalty, and rule enforcement?:

Its what the experience depends on when playing as a police officer so great things.

Please provide name and a background story for your character applying to the police: (100 words minimum):
Russian immigrant banished by the russian mafia, moved to Altis to start a new life and leave the old one behind. But soon realising that starting from the bottom is no easy task in a place like Altis. After seeing hard working civilians getting victims for crime and murder Bulkbonden decided to take some responsibility and change Altis crime picture once and for all. 

Bulkbonden had wife and familiy back in russia but when they figured out that he were a part of a cold blooded mafia group by the name рoссийская мафия they left him. This drove bulkbonden mad and a search for his wife and childrens, once found he murdered them in cold blood. In russia familiy is considered everything so by this the maffia group gave him a choice, either he leaves and never come back or fall victim to the mafia boss himself.


Tell us a little about yourself

My name is Viktor Gustafsson and i live in falkenberg  Sweden and play volleyboll on elite level, i've played video games my whole lifetime and will most likely continue for a long time forward. Happy, playful and calm guy who like to be social and be active during my spare time. Traveling is one of my favorite things to do and aiming to do a backpacking journey this summer through europe.

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