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National Liberation Army - Weapon Shop


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National Liberation Army - Weapon Shop

The National Liberation Army has worked against the government under a long period of time now. By attacking and killing a lot of police officers and military soldiers the NLA has now gathered a lot of weapons and ammunition that they want to sell back to the citizens of Altis so they can continue with illegal acts and protect themselves from the police.

If you as a civilian wants to buy weapons from the NLA you will need a weekpass which costs 1.000.000$/week.

Type of weapons and pricelist follows below:
- Vermin SMG - 150.000$
- AKS-47U - 250.000$
- TRG-21 - 350.000$
- MK20 - 425.000$
- CAR-95 - 750.000$
- Katiba Carbine - 1.000.000$

All weapons except Vermin include RCO or MRCO and 10 mags.
Vermin includes ACO Green and 10 mags.

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