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Old Rebel Hunt: Saturday 26/01 20:00

M. Carter

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Old Rebel Hunt

An old [A.R.A] Rebel is still alive and searching for [N.L.A]. He walked straight into the APDs trap and they now know that he exists. In a press release from the APD, they say that the man is a high threat and wont respond lightly upon being seen. But do not fear last time the APD approached him his gun failed and the lower reciever and barrel was found broken after a shootout in Orekastro.



- Normal server rules apply. Therefore you may NOT kill on sight

- Trying to destroy the Event or trolling will result in a Event Ban.

- When you find the Rebel, rob him and steal his stuff.



- The price is the gear the [A.R.A] Rebel is carrying on him

- If the APD catches him he will go to prison and every APD will receive a price of $850.000 each.

- If the [N.L.A] catches him he will be rescued and will award them with $850.000 each.



- The Rebel can be found anywhere on the map.

- If nobody finds him in a reasonable amount of time an area of his location will be annouced.

- The rebel will move but only inside a 1km grid on the map.


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