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Ban Appeal (Rules & Template)

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Ban & Reporting section
Before you comment on a ban request/appeal, read these rules.


1. You are only allowed to write in a banrequest/ban appeal if you´re not;

  1. the accused player
  2. the accusing player
  3. a witness or in any other IMPORTANT relation to the Ban Request.

Any other replies will lead to a warning or even a forum suspension.

3. Avoid posting multiple requests all together in one thread

4. Try and keep your comments short, informative and avoid using strong language.

Fabricating or tampering with evidence with intent to mislead, and providing false statements is under zero tolerance - committing such violations will lead to a perm ban.

How to do a banappeal (template)


  1. Create a new topic like this: "[ban appeal] *In-Game name*" (ie: [ban appeal] Afriel)
  2. Copy this template and answer the questions and statements below.

            Appeal Information

            Name: *Your in-game name* (optional: guid)

            Date: YYYY-MM-DD - <Time it happened>

            Reason: Explain your point of view as much as in-depth as possible. If you have any proof of the users guilt in form of links, post them here.

     3. Wait patiently for a response.

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