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CVGaming server wiki:


Getting started: 

When you are getting started its important to buy a driver license at the DMW, then buy a car to farm with. After you started to farm, you will earn enough money to buy a truck, that can hold more of the farming stuffs, that you will earn more money with! Read more about farming under here!




Farming is to pick up stuffs, process it and sell it to earn money. The bigger trunk space you got in your vehicle, the more money you will earn! There are some exceptions about processing and you can go and sell them directly after you pick them up! 

Under here you will see what you pick up and where you go with it:

Mineral Mine - Mineral Processing - Mineral Trader

Sand Mine - Sand Processing - Glass Trader

Beer Importer - Beer Labeling - Liqour Shop

Fisherman - Fish Processing - Seafood market

Grape Plantation - Wine Facility - Wine Aging Facility (You can skip this step and go straight to Liqour Shop) - Liqour Shop

Oil Rig - Oil Processing - Oil Trader

Potato Field - Chips Factory - Candy Store

Oil Rig - Oil Processing - Oil Trader

Olive Garden - Olive Oil Factory - Olive Oil Exporter

Mastic Trees - Mastic Factory - Pharmacy


Spice Field - Spice Processing - Drug Dealer

Cocaine Field - Cocaine Processing - Drug Dealer

Dynamite Stash (50%) - Bomb wires (50%) - Bomb Assembly - Dirty Bomb Buyer

Rob Pharmacy - Caustic Soda - Muriatic Acid - Hydrogen Chloride - Meth Lab - Meth Purifier - Drug Dealer

Poppy Field - Opium Processing - Drug Dealer

Gun Smuggling - Weapons Trader

Human Trafficking - Labour Camp




Pistols and 9mm guns is legal, and the police will not take them away from you if you got a gun license. You can buy a gun license from the gunstore! Everything abowe 9mm its illegal and you can risk getting caught by the police.




Remember to allways read the rules before playing on the server, the rules can be find here: 


All other questions can be asked in ts.cvgaming.net!

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