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Altis Revolutionary Army


After the disappearance of the U.F.A, the island has fallen into the hands of the law once more. 

The drug & arms trade is worse than ever because of the lack of resistance on Altis, rumors say

that the A.P.D are using scare tactics and torture to get their will through. Ordinady citizens do

not know where to turn, the situation has fallen out of hand and become unstable. This calls for

change, on the day of the yearly Kavala parade a few brave civilians decided to make a stand and

take up arms towards the state, it was a bloodbath, 15 officers died including the civilians who started

the massacre, it was the second biggest tragedy to have ever struck kavala, tightly after the 2016 bombing by N.L.F.

The rumors spread fast across the island and soon another band of civilians would rise from the ashes

to try and bring down the state once and for all. Around 20 brave souls geared up to attack the police 

headquarters in Kavala, it was an even fight that lasted 3 days. On the third day the band of civilians

ran out of food and ammo and had to make their way out of there, they had heard of an abandoned city

up north where they could set up camp. And so they did, 5 of the last 10 civilians sacrificed themselves

and made a diversion so that the rest could flee, a squad of police officers followed them to the abandoned town

and a smaller fight ensued. After a couple of hours the civilians successfully pushed back the squad of officers

and could settle in. Although they came out victorious, it was a small battle to win, this was just the beginning.

Both sides had suffered too many casualties to continue the conflict, so recruiting for both sides began on a large

scale. It was not long before the A.P.D was restored to full strength, and young men and women traveled

long distances to be a part of the rebellion, and so it was formed, the Altis Revolutionary Army.

A war between the state and the A.R.A was now a reality, a great war of freedom and independence,

a war to end all wars.




The [A.R.A] is an army of the people and they will protect all civilians who follow their agenda.

The [A.R.A] can and will use lethal force against anyone who tries to oppose them.

The [A.R.A] strive for full controll over drugs & arms trading.

The [A.R.A] will not tolerate civilian groups who try to take controll over drugs/weapons.

The [A.R.A] will not tolerate taxing by civilians (but will probably tax themselves).

The [A.R.A] are in charge in the Rebel Town, and if you do not behave you will be shot on sight.

The [A.R.A] do not take trespassing lightly.

The [A.R.A] will use methods such as: Kidnapping, Blackmailing, Extortion and more.



Rebel Town

The Rebel Town is a safezone for rebels and civilians, and the cops are not welcome there.

This means that if A.P.D were to enter the Rebel Town, everyone get kill on sight on the police.

But beware, if the cops get shot at inside the Rebel Town, they will answer the fire against any non-police they see.

And remember, the Rebels are in charge here so make sure you announce your arrival or it might be taken as a hostile act.

Enter with caution.





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