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National Liberation Army [N.L.A]


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National Liberation Army


After many attacks on the A.R.A island by the A.P.D and the help of NATO they are now gone and wiped from the island. The

disappearance of A.R.A and the destruction of their work now created a large hole in the illegal business on Altis. The A.P.D

quickly cut down on illegal crimes & trades, now getting more control of the island. Citizens of Altis has been abused and

executed for crimes as this is their way of scaring any other citizen not to get into illegal trading. The gangs that still fight for

their independence & right to farm and carry firearms, fight back against A.P.D daily but not with much success. Some fights are

won but the majority is lost. The A.P.D does not respond lightly against the gangs, using military grade vehicles and weapons to

brutally murder any civilian breaking the law. There is not much stopping them and this calls for help, the citizens of Altis is

getting more and more restraint and soon the A.P.D will control the whole island. But what many doesn't know is that there is an

old rebel faction that still is operational and has acquired the old A.R.A plans on how they invaded Pyrgos. The N.L.A has been

operating in the dark for a long time, both recruiting gang members and corrupt police officers. Corrupt politicians has kept their

tracks covered and made sure that their guerilla base in the mountains of NW Altis has not been found. Now with updated plans

on how to attack Pyrgos they are preparing for a full scale attack against the A.P.D. This has come to be known as the Attack of

the Pyrgos Gulf. It lasted for weeks and was one of the most deadliest fights on Altis, even deadlier than the last attack on the

A.R.A. It first seemed to be a victory to the A.P.D but this was not the case. After 3 weeks of fighting the A.P.D gave up and their

last resources being sent back to Kavala. The Attack of the Pyrgos Gulf had a total of 234 casualties, almost 100 of these being

innocent civilians living in the town trying to escape. In frustration the N.L.A kept the attacks coming and soon they had

established 2 outposts. One of these on Molos Airfield and another hidden close to Kavala.



The [N.L.A] is an army of the people and they will protect all civilians who follow their agenda.

The [N.L.A] can and will use lethal force against anyone who tries to oppose them.

The [N.L.A] strive for full controll over drugs & arms trading.

The [N.L.A] will not tolerate civilian groups who try to take controll over drugs/weapons.

The [N.L.A] will not tolerate taxing by civilians (but will probably tax themselves).

The [N.L.A] are in charge in the Rebel Town, and if you do not behave you will be shot on sight.

The [N.L.A] do not take trespassing lightly.

The [N.L.A] will use methods such as: Kidnapping, Blackmailing, Extortion and more.


Rebel Town

The Rebel Town is a safezone for rebels and civilians, the cops are not welcome there.

But beware, if the cops get shot at inside the Rebel Town, they will answer the fire against any non-police they see.

Enter with caution.

... This is subject to change


They Approve:

- Drug dealing

- Turtle Farming

- Robbing other gangs

- Federal reserve robbing

- .... To be updated


They Condemn

- Legal farming (Copper, Iron, Diamond etc)

- People who interupt the drugdealing industry. (Robbing at dealer for example)

- People driving their vehicles (KOS)

- Bandit District overtaking

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