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Medic app J. Persson / Nex

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What is Your in-game?:

Answer: J. Persson


What is Forum name?:

Answer: Nex

Are you a member of a gang? If so what gang?:

Answer: No.

Do you accept the prime time that Medics have? (For the time, check Emergency Patrol on TS) YES/NO:

Answer: Yes.


What is Your Player ID #? (In ARMA main screen go to profilesettings, (select your profile) then press Unit, and change the unit to custom. Now you should see a 17dig number.

Answer: 76561198114070251


How old are you?

Answer: 16, almost 17.


Do you speak both swedish and english?

Answer: Yes.


Have You read all of the server rules and the Medic rules?

Answer: Yes.


How long have You played on the server(hours)?

Answer: 1300h


How long have You played Arma 3 (hours)?

Answer: 1861h


Why do you want to become a medic? (minimum 50 words)

Answer: I want to become medic because i've always loved the job and i think its the funniest job on the server. I loved it especially because you meet a lot of new and interesting people and every day as you play you are faced with new scenarios and difficult tasks to complete.


Describe what you think that a medic does? (minimum 40 words)

Answer: A medic saves life and helps the citizens of Altis. They also is a big part of the society because you need to talk to a lot of different people and you need to choose your words carefully because everyone listens to you as a medic. They also have a very big influence on the civilians of Altis.


Have You been a Paramedic earlier or played in another faction on CVGaming?

Answer: Yes i have. I have been Medic, Police and Rebel but it was like a year or two ago.


How often do You play on the server and at what time of the day/night?

Answer: I play from when i come home from school and that are usually 16.00-17.00 an i play until 22.00, on the weekends i play from when i wake up until i go to sleep again.


Why should we pick you as a medic? (minimum 40 words)

Answer: I have been medic before so i know how the job is done and how you handle the job. I also bring a ton of role play experience and a lot of fun. I'm a happy guy that loves to meet new people, so i think this is the perfect job for me.


Have You been banned on this server? If yes what have You been banned for?

Answer: No.


What can you bring to the medic force?

Answer: I bring good role play and a lot of fun. I take this job serious and that makes me engaged in the job.


What qualities do you think a medic should have that fits you, name at least 4 pieces

1: I now the medic job well and how it works.

2: I can Rp and know when or when not to go in a firefight and ress people, and when its okay to res people.

3: As a medic you should be able to handle stress situations and that's one thing i'm good at.

4: As a medic you should always think before action and think before you say or do something, and i now when i should talk or when i shouldn't  talk.


Do you have any past experience with role-playing on this or any other server? 

Answer: I've recently played FiveM Rp for around 500h so i have a lot of experience from there.


Can You follow orders from a younger person or higher ranked? Yes/No

Answer: Yes.


If we are going to accept you, are you going to be active? Yes/No

Answer: Yes of course.


What do You think the medic faction should become better with?

Answer: Nothing at the moment.


Can you provide a role-play name and a role-play background for the character applying to the medic force? (Minimum 60 Words):

Please type here: 

Johan Persson är en man på 31 år som tidigare i livet bott på ön Stratis. Johan´s uppväxt har varit svår med en pappa som har varit drogmissbrukare och även langare, detta ledde till

Johan´s mors död när Johan bara var 4 år. Johan har 2 bröder Roger och Olof och en pappa Leffe. Leffe var ingen bra pappa, han vägrade att låta barnen gå i skola och han slog barnen när de inte lyssnade på honom eller gjorde vad han sa åt dem att göra. Detta ledde till att Johan alltid har varit rädd för pappor och vuxna män vilket gör han ganska blyg som person. Johan jobbade som ambulansförare på Stratis men en dag när han var på väg mot en  patient så blev Johan skjuten i ett pågående rån, Johan lyckades ta sig ur sitt räddningsfordon och springa iväg till en närliggande polisstation där han sökte hjälp av polisen. Efter händelsen bestämde sig Johan för att flytta till Altis istället och försöka starta ett nytt liv.



Tell us a little about your self:

Please type here: Hi. My name is Pontus i'm 16 and i'm currently studding at a school called ETG. I have played video games as long as i can remember and i play most of my spare time. When i don't play i like to be with friends or family and just have a good time.

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Hej, Du har blivit antagen till intervju till CVGamings Medic kår.

Du kan kontakta mig (Linus.L)  på Teamspeak, Infomation till server kommer under.


Teamspeak Server IP: ts.cvgaming.net

Sedan kan du sätta dig i "Medic Assistance"

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