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*Closed* Christmas Event

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Christmas Event



Ho ho ho!

The snow is here, Christmas is getting closer and SantaClaus is bringing Christmas Presents to the residents of Altis.
When the Altis SantaClaus wakes up in the morning he always have his daily routine,  eat some oatmeal and have his daily bottle of whiskey.

It can't be easy being up 10 thousand feet up in the air , drunk and riding on a sleigh.
There will be a small chance that Santaclaus might passout behind the wheel of ten overfed reindeers.

This might cause him to accidentally drop some of the presents crafted by the Altis Elfs to land on the ground for anyone to grab.







End of December



Christmas Present


A christmas present can contain anything between Piles of Money and a Katiba.

There won't be less then 5 random items/moneypile in a Christmas Present.

But where?

There will be a marked location on the map and a message announcing that the santa is flying over Altis.

Drops will be random.



Merry Christmas from CvGaming

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Well I will have some time off for christmas. Hopefully then :).


Going to change it around a little. Instead of placing plots and then people buying them, you can buy a pole and place it where you want, to get control of that area.


It will have a base range of perhaps 300m.


A circle showing its area of influence, with your gang name, will show on the map.


You can upgrade it, to make the range extend further.

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