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  1. Nearly done . Thoughts, ideas?
  2. Of course it will be back. Why would it not be, it's a good feature. Will be even better when you can build .
  3. Just make it a bindable key? That way, the person can choose to bind it to whatever they like.
  4. Thinking of putting in a button that will connect you when a slot frees up, if the server is full. One will be connect when slot is free, another will be ask to connect when a slot is free.
  5. Arma 3 Life? Psh. I'm looking for something to stick on top of the launcher that isn't finished yet.
  6. Not as big as that one. Let's say 600 width, 200 height?
  7. Looking for someone who can do similar below. You can pose with friends, or whatever. Should say Arma 3 Altis Life somehow. http://files.enjin.com/494817/Images/Arma3AltisLifeNewsBanner.png
  8. Incorrect. The time for Arma to get the info from the database it needs and return back to itself is always the same. Whether the server has been up 5mins, or 4 hours. A few players or 90 players. This time is logged to call the database extension (the extDB DLL) and your data returned. The database isn't the problem. It's the way the engine works, to deal with things. The queue can become long with a low server fps. Take last night for example. There was some desync and it took ~30 s for me to get my database info and appear ingame. I ran a script to count how many dead bodies were on the map. There were 88! So I wrote a small line of script to delete them all and after that it was fine. Bodies may not clean up properly if people ALT + f4, as they don't run the clean up script when they click abort, to delete their dead body. This is made worse with a high turnover of players who join, then alt and f4 to quit. For some reason, player clean up disconnect was changed in Altis Life some time ago. Before, it would loop through all dead bodies and delete them, upon a (proper) player disconnect. Hopefully, with all the big changes incoming for Altis Life, there will be a lot of improvement here. The server can become slower to deal with things if it owns a lot of objects. It owns objects when a player disconnects. The body belongs to the server, your group, if empty, belongs to the server. Cars and many other objects for example. Again if there are a lot of players coming and going within a short time, they can give a lot of objects to the server.
  9. Well I will have some time off for christmas. Hopefully then . Going to change it around a little. Instead of placing plots and then people buying them, you can buy a pole and place it where you want, to get control of that area. It will have a base range of perhaps 300m. A circle showing its area of influence, with your gang name, will show on the map. You can upgrade it, to make the range extend further.
  10. Everything is in Swedish!
  11. I've made these boxes be green and red now in colour. More christmas-like!
  12. An SSD for the server, doesn't have to big, as it's not for archiving/backups. A highly clocked CPU, close to 4ghz!
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