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  1. "§.4 Random deatchmatching (RDM) Killing someone in an attempt to protect yourself or others is not RDMing. If you are killed in the crossfire of a firefight, it is not RDM." As I see it there had just been a firefight, and the parties in the firefight is still alive (Since they got ressed) One of the parties then try to rob some othersiders, hence opens up a new front. Personally I wouldn't class it as RDM, since you got killed in the crossfire and It didn't seem to be random at all, you weren't exactly innocent (You had just tried to kill some1 else, friendly fire or not). Anyways it's up to the admins (This response is written on the facts arma3artur brings to the table, dunno if some of the facts are wrong since the video is pretty short and I don't know what excatly happened before that.) Off-topic, freaking nice assault N.L.A
  2. To add to this, there's 2 kinds of duping. When I ban people for combatlog/duping, thats when they log off after dieing inorder to save their gear, I give a 1-7 days ban for this depending on what they have done in the past. When I perm ban someone for duping, that's when people are activly duping gear, or getting others to do it as you did.
  3. Cheers man I took this YIP6Y-L4VVE-HWX2W
  4. Someone In the channel called me a retard, is it really that weird I kicked him? And Legacy also talked to you guys, we both decided the ban shouldn't be overturned.
  5. We've already discussed this enough, People like Chefn is ruining everything good by this game by breaking the game rules, and then refuses to accept the consequenses. I'm not gonna remove any ban when people can't even accept the fact, that what they did was wrong, and repent. I as an admin have a responsibility to remove threats to the server, hacker or "just" a rulebreaker doesn't matter, they will all be dealt with I had an encounter with you guys earlier, you were trying to get someone banned even though another admin had already dealt with then matter. Going behind admins backs isn't something we can have here and therfor I gave you a warning. And now he did something like this. He's abusing game mechanics and using it to troll the police.
  6. I respect that you come here and appeal, Some people complain about a ban, and some people even lie about it, but it doesn't solve anything, sometimes it can even increase it, but because you're honest and seem repentant, and you only broke a minor rule (Running someone over on purpose) which in the end didn't damage anyone, but still against the rules though,. but because you're honest, and this is your first offense (To my knowledge) I will put it down to a 6 hours ban and a warning. you will get unbanned at 20:00 this evening.
  7. Jeppe Olsen

    [Ban request]

    3 bans have been put in place from these videos. Discornia, 7 days, Ramming the hemmt so it flips and almost explodes + RDM. HEKE, 3 days purposely running a guy over multiple times. Kenji, 3 days for VDMing This behavior is not okay, It is quite long bans all oh team, but since this was a organized incident with multiple people breaking the rules we felt it nessecary.
  8. Hello Glassbombem/F.F.L Melwin. I do not take kindly to the claim of abuse, I banned you because of was send 3 videos of people shooting at Globbster without warning, and in the end you executing him when he walks towards you to surrender. You had no reason to shoot him, but shot him anyway without warning, and now because you have made this thread claiming abuse without any evidence, I have together with GW which I've just spoken and send the evidence too decided your ban should be increased to 1 week. Next time you claim abuse, please support some evidence. I dont take kindly to that word.
  9. First of, you guys have been breaking the serverrules multiple times today. Earlier you tried to ram into us with a chopper even admitting it in sidechat. I didn't ban you there because I felt like a warning would be enough. Then about an hour ago I'm patrolling with a friend, you guy jump out on the road, and tell us to surrender, we do and you rob us, there's no problem in that, but after being robbed you choose to say "We are bad guys, now you're gonna die" even though we did eventhing you told us. Well that hardly seems fair, actually it's breaking the server RP rules. and therfor I ban the guy that killed both me and my mate you RDMed, since I did find it find quite random, since you had no RP cause to kill us. If people can just say they're bad criminals, and then kill whoever they like, no one would be able to get away from an encounter alive even if they were following the commands of the robber. This is hardly any kind of RP, and surrendering would be pointless if you're gonna get killed anyways. Then you went on the sidechat started use the "admin abuse card". I myself is not fund of the admin abuse card, it gives the server and the admins admining it a bad rep. Therfor if I see any claims of admin abuse in the sidechat I will ban the guy untill I can get a higherup to look into the matter. Next time you think there's a admin abuse tell it to an admin, and you better supply proof! Normally I would ban a person for this for no less then a week, but GW is more forgiving. If this happens again I wont be. So in the end. Patty has gotten a warning for Lack of RP. ToungKlipparn has gotten a warning for claiming admin abuse in a public forum. Costas has gotten a 1 day ban for attempted VDM with a heli. Next time I see any of you guys breaking the server rules, I wont be as forgiving as GW has been in this matter. This is in no way okay behavior.
  10. I've given you chance upon chance, you been banned multiple times, and I've been good to you unbanning you despite your bad excuses. You then combatlogged, and after being banned created a new account, sadly ur still using the same IP and I noticed this, You claimed to be your brother. After an hour lying to me you then confessed when I still didn't believe you. Despite all this I'm gonna give you one last chance, next time you do anything against the server rules you will be gone from this server for good. You will be unbanned at 20:00 tomorrow.
  11. Jeppe Olsen

    [L.D] Boljis

    Things I've seen you and your gang doing today. 1. You admitted to jumping out of a hunter while restrained killing yourself, and you then complained about the cops arresting you because you felt like it counted like a new life. I told you this was abusing game mechanics and would normally result in a ban. 2. You were trolling around kavala in a go-cart, I don't have any problem with a bit of fun, but don't do it to much. 3. I saw you a your gang ramming into a broken down go-cart with a offroad, I deleted the Offroad, you guys started yelling about where the hell your offroad went. I told the whole gang that if I saw something like that again I would ban you. 4, 2 mins later I saw you running directly into a wall with a SUV, I asap deleted the SUV of fear it would explode. I gave you another warning. 5. A guy was VDM and killed when his hatchback was rammed by another quad. I revived him and tried to repair his car, YOU started jumping into it multiple times, I told you to stop, and you came with a snappy comeback. Your poor "ban appeal" if you can call it that is rejected. If I see you doing anything of the sorts on the server again you will be permbanned. Edit: This guy just came back with another GUID. He's now permbanned. To add to this, he wrote to another admin, and this is what he wrote after considering giving another chance. Enough said.
  12. Again I'm not an expert, and most of my comments I based on what I've read on http://www.altisliferpg.com/. But on altisliferpg,I also remember reading a thread, in where people stated that the % of the doesn't nessecary have anything to do with the cpu bottlenecking. It stated that a cpu with 40% usage (don't remember the exact %) might aswell be bottlenecking the server. I'm guessing that's something to do with the cpu usage % maybe is the overall load, and arma 3 only uses 2 cores for the most part, and therfor the cpu usage will never hit 100%? again not sure What is the current CPU running at when 80 pop? I think you mentioned it was running at 90% at one point, and in my eyes thats a bottlenect.
  13. Correct me if I'm wrong but I feel that is what's bottlenecking the server right now. and I feel the cpu is the heart and brain of a server. I'm not an expert or anything, I've just made this judgement from what hardware other altis life servers have been using and what those threads have said was recommended. I would rather upgrade 1 thing a 100% and then wait a bit with the rest, then upgrading it all a little bit, and then having to do a new upgrade in a month or 2. But again I'm not an expert ^^ Just know we need a high clocked cpu and that one seems to be the best one out there. But the money seems to be rolling in for hardware upgrades. Even if we spend most of the money for a badass CPU I'm sure there will be enough to upgrade other parts soon
  14. http://datorfixarna.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=48309 seems cheaper for some reason edit: ahhh without fan
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