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ban req


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Name: Leian


        Date: 2017-02-15 kl var cirka 16:30

        Which rule(s) were broken: Rdm




        Additional information: vi hart precis avslutat ett krig mot ett gäng när jag blir dödad av tsar angryHerring. har bett om refound men han vill inte svara

video proof: 

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First of all this was Crossfire. Crossfire is NOT rdm. We were in a fight with [YRN]-

Secondly, we talked about this in side. I offered him medic, but since neither of the medics online responded, I said I was going to log onto Medic myself to revive you.

When I logged in, I noticed you have respawned. It is NOT my fault that you decline my offer to revive you, and instead respawning.




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