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CvGaming Staff

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CvGaming ARMA Staff

Founders: Kebre, Mr. GW


Administrators: Goatis, Afriel, Bachne


Developers: Goatis, Glux


Moderators: Peter Marple, Wajk, Öberg


Coordinator: Darwin




Supports: Glux, Ludwig, Carl Mark, A. Savage, Folkesson, Joey Persbrandt



The CvGaming staff are always here to help, but some cases might require the presence a specific staff member. If you continue reading you will find out what every staff member is able/authorized to do.


Founders - The original founders started CvGaming in 2013. The founders are NOT a part of the ArmA 3 staff team and can not help you with refunds, ban-appeals or ban-requests!.


Administrators - The Administrators are basically the ''overseers'' of the server working above and with the rest of the staff members on diffrent matters. An Administrator oversees ban requests, ban appeals and other cases/situations and they have the last say in the matter. The Administrators also oversee the forum and the developing of the server in general. An Administrator has the highest authority and have the right to ban and unban.


Developers - The Developers are working on the server in various ways, such as coding and map editing.


Moderators - The Moderators are working closely with the Admin team with things such as ban requests and other server/forum related issues, they can also sometimes help with refunds and other support issues. A moderator has the authority to ban and unban with the green light from an administrator.


Coordinator - A Coordinator is working as a middleman between the playerbase and the administrators and is working towards finding out what the playerbase wants while also being able to help you if you have any questions. A Coordinator does not have the authority to ban or unban.


Factionleader - The Factionleader takes care of all factions and keeps a close dialogue wich each chief to see what direction they are going in. The Factionleader may also come up with ideas for new factions in the future.


Supports - The Support team is your go-to people if you have lost items, vehicles, or just have a question in general while playing on the server.  A Support does not have the authority to ban or unban.


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