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Ban Appeal Xymz

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Name: Xymz

            Date: When Tanoa was released.


I'd like to actually give some real statements and arguments why I should come back to the community. Yesterday I was foolish, dumb and ironic. But now I realized, I really messed up and I'm sorry CvG.
First off all, I want to be reunited together with my online friends in TSAR. We first met in late 2016, and formed a gang upon that friendship. Yes, I know that TSAR was never the perfect gang, and will probably never will be. But TSAR is unique, and finding a match for a banned person is never easy. TSAR will probably not be the same without us, the old legends... (J.Smith, Snorx, Xymz, Herring etc...) 
In the TSAR gang, we learned way more than we could in any other gang. Not only rules, but also how-to RP, and react to certain situations. This was golden for us back then, because even though we had played over 300hrs, we didn’t know jack-shit, until we switched from U.P.S/CDN to TSAR. And it was at the time the ball started rolling, fast.
I admit, I have done a lot of fucked up things for this community, and I will, and do take full responsibility for those actions back then. Admins are not to blame, they do whatever to keep their community and player-base safe. 
I will not brag over what I can do, and what I cannot do, because I think Admins have a general idea on my playstyle, which is probably not in the best of light... Me and the community itself has gotten on the wrong foot, a bad start; and I want to make it better again. A new "improved" Xymz.
I know most of you think I am fooling you, because they don’t see the real me. They only see the Xymz who fucked around, messing with people and admins. But I promise you, the community; I have changed. A lot of stuff can happen over a summer, and it did. 
After the server wipe, we came up to reunite the good old TSAR clan, to get back in "the old days" again, in the prime-time of CvGaming.
As a result, I am making a last effort to try to get back in the community with my friends, one last time.
// Xymz

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Hej Xymz!

Detta är faktiskt något jag personligen inte trodde skulle ske. Men du är välkommen in på servern igen. Se då till att ditt beteende från START är OK. Att ditt uppträdande är betydligt bättre gentemot ALLA. Varken jag eller någon annan i staff vill har någon som helst situation som påminner om hur du betedde dig sist.

Ta denna sista chans med storm, och visa hur man faktiskt skall agera så ska detta bli oerhört bra ska du se.


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