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Jesper Johansson

polis application Jeppesson

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In-Game Name? : Jeppesson / Yaftali

What is your Player ID #? (In ARMA main screen go to Config/Profiles (select your profile) Then you should see a 17 Digit number)

Age? : 21

Do you speak both Swedish and English?: Yes

Do you have any past experience about being a police officer on this or other servers?: Yes

If yes, what servers?: Cvg

Do you have a working microphone?: Yes

How long have you played on CvGaming?: since 2014 / 1500timmar

Have you been banned before?: Yes

Do you promise to always act in-character and never abuse your power while playing as a police officer?: Yes

Are you ready to leave your civ gang to become a police officer to avoid conflicts?: Absolutely

Can you follow orders from a younger person?: Sure



What qualities do you think a CvGaming Police officer should have that fits you, name at least 5 pieces

1) Good rp

2) Being nice

3) Kind to new players

4) Being calm

5) Good at fighting



Describe why you would like to play as a police officer?:

I think it would be fun to play as a police officer and i enjoyed it when i tried it before


Briefly describe the various tasks of a police officer?:

impounding cars and stuff and lookin out for the citizens


Describe what YOU expect out of your fellow officers?:

to be nice to each other


What is your input on using lethal force?:

Last option, if other countermeasures is enough lethal force should never be used.


Describe why YOU would be a good addition to the police force?:

Because i have the experience of playing in the police force on Cvg before and i also study to become a police officer in real life.


What is your input on respect, loyalty, and rule enforcement?:

They are all crucial in the making of an working and effective police force


Please provide name and a background story for your character applying to the police: (100 words minimum):
Yaftali is a young fella from Tanoa whos just finished his studies at the main police academy of Tanoa. Since they need police officers on Altis he has decided that he want to test his wings and transfer from Tanoa to Altis to work there. While at the academy Yaftali was a decent cadet, as he was better than bad but worse than great. He had no problem with taking orders as he was training. He is a great shot with alot of experience in that field. He's a kind and calm person whose always close to laughter and takes nothing to serious, unless he has to.


Tell us a little about yourself!

21 år gammal student i Växjö, pluggar för tillfället till polis på polishögskolan. Kan en hel del om polisyrket nu pga min utbildning så tror jag skulle passa bra i poliskåren här, sen är de såklart rätt stor skillnad på riktiga dealen och i spelet, men tror de kan hjälpa lite iaf. Har spelat en del arma under mina dagar och sugen på att börja igen nu när servern fått liv.

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