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Request for Unban

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 Name: Amir Hawilo

            Date: 2019-01-10 - 17:00

            Reason: I would like to explain why i was talking about money duping and why i should not get punished here for any reason.
This is from the current server and its a sucpect so i dont consider getting perm banned from that

and here is the other bans


This is from the other server im banned from and my friend for money duping i called him bitch in the support room and left the case.

And here is the proof i got banned from life comunity and money is inculded me and my friend play on this server alot and i got unbanned from there by paying theam money altso buying vip
But i dont know why i got banned from sucpect for duplication i mean the admins could atleast take a better look and search for any money dupped in my account or something atleast and i got banned without any information about that i was going to get banned.
here is a screen shot from alrp comunity I dont know if u guys hate other people that glitch and this kind of stuff be ill be not doing this stuff and it was an sucpect 
How i got banned from Alrp it was because i was duping money on the ground


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