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Medic Application ( in forum Gnar) (in game Gnar)

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What is Your in-game and forum name?:


( in forum Gnar) (in game  Gnar)


What is Your Player ID #? (In ARMA main screen go to profilesettings, (select your profile) then press Unit, and change the unit to custom. Now you should see a 17dig number.

Answer: 76561198385429837


How old are you?

Answer: 14


Do you speak both swedish and english?

Answer: Yes


Have You read all of the server rules and the paramedic rules?

Answer: Yes


How long have You played on the server(hours)?

Answer: 5


How long have You played Arma 3 (hours)?

Answer: 42


Why do you want to become a medic?

Answer: i want to be able to help people who has hurt the selfs or been in a accident


describe what you think that a medic does?

Answer: "answer to help calls" and head to the destination. after that they will proceed to help the person with whatever  their injury is.


Have You been a Paramedic earlier or played in another faction on cvgaming?

Answer: no


How often do You play on the server and at what time of the day/night?

Answer: i play almost daily and play often from mid-day to night.


Why should we pick you as a medic? (minimum 25 words)

Answer: im pretty good at english and im also good at driving/flying. i can follow orders from anyone (no matter age or religion etc)


Have You been banned on this server? If yes what have You been banned for?

Answer: no


What can you bring to the medic force?

Answer: quick respons and good roleplay. im always positive and try to look on the bright side


What qualities do you think a medic should have that fits you, name at least 4 pieces

1: good rp

2: quick respons

3: good at driving

4: a positiv attitude

5: be able to follow orders from anyone


Do you have any past experience with role-playing on this or any other server?

Answer: ive played a lot on a other server as a civilian and i tried to be a medic ridealong


Can You follow orders from a younger person or higher ranked?

Answer: yes



What do You think the medic faction should become better with?

Answer: more active players


Can you fly a heli in arma and drive a fast car?



Can you provide a role-play name and a role-play background for the character applying to the medic force? (50-200 Words):

Please type here:

Hi my name is gnar and im a guy who youst finnished medic school. I love to fly helicopter and drive cars to the imergencys, i love working in pairs and save peoples lives. my favorite thing to do in the spare time is to play with my dog who is a hovarwart. i look forward to join the medical force and meet everybody.



Tell us a little about your self:

Please type here: im a 14 year old guy from sweden who love to roleplay (in arma 3) i live in småland and my main hobby right now is playing video games.

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Hej! Tack så mycket för att du har ansökt till Medic kåren. Tyvärr så är jag på semester. Men jag ska försöka lösa något. Jag kommer kontakta dig för mer info. PS jag kommer hem på torsdag eller fredag!

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2 hours ago, Linus_L said:

Hej! Tack så mycket för att du har ansökt till Medic kåren. 


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Hej, Du har blivit antagen till intervju till CVGamings Medic kår.

Du kan kontakta mig på Teamspeak, Infomation till server kommer under.


Teamspeak Server IP: ts.cvgaming.net

Sedan kan du sätta dig i "Medic Assistance"

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