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I fcked up!

Trym Olstad

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I want to make it up again to everyone who got dissapointed because i copied Loki's story so now i have put some effort in to this and made my own so take your time read this, and pls no h8...


Police Background story C. Smith

C. Smith was born at Kavala hosptital and got the name Connor Smith from his American grand-dad from Oklahoma in America. Connor’s dad was working as a police chief his dad’s name was Will Smith and Connor’s dad was a good exemplar to many police officers. At the age of seven Connor were learning how to use a 45. Cal handgun. when Connor arrived at the police HQ in Kavala city the police force was very pleased to meet him. Then Connor and Will went to the gun training room and the police force were right behind them. Connor was a little bit scared when he was holding the gun, Will said come on Connor you can make it you just have to concentrate and aim, he teached Connor how to aim and how to shoot and Connor was then ready to fire for the first time. The police force was as focused as Connor was then the shot came but Connor was not happy, he missed the target and shot the floor. Connor was so sad but Will was comforting him. Connor and his dad went to the training room to shoot every day after Will finished work. Connor got 9 years and he could shoot as good as a grown man in the military. Will was so proud of his son, Connor smiled to him for the last time of his life.

The next week Will had a big mission cause there was a bank robbery, Will got out his vest and gear and drove fast with his partner when a missile hit the car and exploded. Connor was waiting inside for him to come home and take him to the training room. But Will never came, Connor sat in the hall in front of the door and was watching some YouTube when it suddenly was knocking on the door Connor jumped up and screamed MOM dad is back! He opened the door and saw another police officer standing outside the door and asked where is my Dad? The police officer said I have bad news to you Connor… You see your dad *wiping tears* Your dad has died in an accident. Connor started crying when the police officer said the rest of the story. Your dad died in an accident which lead to a huge explosion, an RPG hit the car and it went off. Connor ran to his mom who was just on her way to the door. She stopped when Connor was standing and hugging her really hard and crying, she asked what’s wrong Connor? He answered while he was crying and it was to hard for him to stop so he answered Ddddd-aaaa—ddd is dddead! Mom put her hands over her mouth and started to wipe some tears from her eyes when she talked to the police officer with Connor still hugging her and crying loud. The night came fast for Connor but he couldn’t stop crying. Connor fell asleep really late. His mother (Susanna Smith) couldn’t fall asleep at all she stayed up all night just crying. The next morning Connor was really sad. Susanna took them to the police HQ to recover the death of Connors dad, Will Smith. It was pictures of him everywhere and Connor couldn’t hold his tears, but he went to the shooting room with his mom. After 3 years from the accident Connor turned 12 years and started to learn how to use a rifle, Connor also did some research on who killed his dad. He found out it was a gang called Cv-droghandel. Connor got older and wanted to follow his dad foot steps to be a Police chief. He went to the police HQ in Kavala and searched to be a police officer, he got a job as a police officer and people were feeling sorry for him for his accident. When Connor asked the Police chief to get the mission to hunt down Cv-droghandel and take revenge of his dad. Kooben said yes to him and Connor started the hunt, Connor was talking to the victims of that day. Connor got no clear answer on who Cv-droghandel really was, so he started to go to gangs and talk a little there to get some answers on who they really are. Many wanted money to give such information to a police officer so he payed in total 1 million dollars to the gangs. When he got a lot of information he went to his planning room in his basement where he had collected pictures and information about most of the people in Cv-droghandel. When he knew where they’re gang used to hang out he went there and friend and he said his name was William Peterson. When he once joined them to they’re gang town he placed snipers on the hills and inside he got some gangs to hide and try to kill everyone from Cv-droghandel. When they got closer to the town Connor jumped out of the car and started to shoot at the car and got two of them and one was the driver, the car then speeded up and crashed in to a wall and one more died. Kafarov was the only one left in the car and was covered in blood. The car started burning and Kafarov got out of the car with his hands in the air and they held fire. Two other cars showed up and they started to take out the wheels of the two cars. They succeeded with it but no one died inside the car only the engine so they all jumped out and started to shoot, we lost 3 police officers but some gangs were on our side so we took them out. What Connor didn’t know was that two of the gang members had went to his home and killed his mom. Connor came back to the station and took a shower, when he was done taking a shower he tried to call home to his mom but got no answer. He got worried so he hurried home. The lights were off. He screamed “Mom!” he got no answer and heard steps in the living room, Connor brought out his gun and saw that two guys were in there. He shouted to them “What are you two doing here?” Connor didn’t get an answer and guessed they were from the gang and aimed in to the living room and shot one in the head and the last one on both of his hands, he wasn’t able to use the gun anymore but Connor still took a shot in the leg.

He called after a medic. The medic was standing outside 10 minutes later and brought Connor to the hospital. At the hospital he met a nurse named Maya Anderson. Connor fell in love with Maya, when Connor was back at his feet he asked Maya out on a date, and she said yes. Connor was happy and went home and said “Mom are you here?” he got no answer this time either so he searched around in the house and found his mother lying on the cold bathroom floor. Connor had lost everything except for Maya, he decided that he would take good care of Maya and no one would threaten her. Maya and Connor got married after 2 years of the best relation ship. They went to Hawaii to celebrate the wedding with Maya’s family. Connor got two kids a boy and a girl. Connor decided the name of the boy and Maya decided the name of the girl, Connor chose to name the boy Will Smith in honor for his dad, Maya named the girl Susanna Smith in honor of Connors mom


If you find this on the internet message me cuz i dont think you will unless i post it there :D

Mikhailov now i have spent some time doing my own background story xD

No copyright of gang names/names permission for them license form Cv-droghandel and Kafarov :D


Listen to this song while reading you might shed a tear :)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b6Ud-x1tHq8


Edited by Trym Olstad
Kavala hospital instead of Elverum Norway :D
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