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  1. Jag och öberg provade ifrån 295m, det är 3 skott med mk20 3 skott med 6.5 2 skott med 7.62. hade polisväst.
  2. att HQ inte sprängs alltså :/
  3. Förslag. Ingen diskution: Tarun idag har ingen funktion, ska man köra något med heli så köper man en mawhawk då den har 40 mer i slot, orcan är betydligt mycket "enklare" att skjuta ner så jag skulle föredra att den fanns ist för tarun.
  4. enligt bohemia får man inte har tex: trg i en donator shop då det blir lite pay 2 win, rätta mig om jag har fel. men därimot kläder som inte ger något sorts fördel. men det man ska ha klart för sig när man donerar, är att det ska vara för att man ska kunna uppgradera servern för att servern ska överleva inte för att man ska få grejer.
  5. Någon som har gjort sin läxa.
  6. Processat i lastbilen för att enklare kunna rymma därifrån ifall man vart rånad.
  7. Charlie


    Pirater på fritiden Charlie, Öberg Kan ha svårt att vara med pga den ändrade tiden.
  8. Charlie

    Police App

    olice slots are only available to players who have applied and been accepted for whitelisting. With the added power that comes with the police position. The topics subject MUST be "Police Application (YourForumName) [(YourCurrentIngameName)]". e.g. Police Application Testson [[A.P.D] T. Testson] Requirements to join the Police Department are: Meet the minimum age of 18. Understand basic server rules. MUST have a working microphone! MUST have a good command of the English language. MUST have a decent understanding of how Roleplaying works. In-Game Name? : Charlie What is your Player ID #? (In ARMA main screen go to Config/Profiles (select your profile) Then you should see a 17 Digit number) Age? : 20 Do you speak both Swedish and English?: Yes Do you have any past experience about being a police officer on this or other servers?: Yes If yes, what servers?: Cvgaming Do you have a working microphone?: Yes How long have you played on CvGaming?: 3000+ Have you been banned before?: Yes Do you promise to always act in-character and never abuse your power while playing as a police officer?: I do Are you ready to leave your civ gang to become a police officer to avoid conflicts?: Yes Can you follow orders from a younger person?: Yes. What qualities do you think a CvGaming Police officer should have that fits you, name at least 5 pieces 1) Mature 2) Calm 3) Follow orders 4) Able to Roleplay 5) Have a calm mind Describe why you would like to play as a police officer?: When i was a cop before i had the most RP, i never got the kind of RP in a Civ gang that i would get as a cop, it was allways about robbing etc. Briefly describe the various tasks of a police officer?: Protect and serve. Be a backbone to the altis citizen. Stop various task of illegal activity Describe what YOU expect out of your fellow officers?: Mature, not rush dessicions. What is your input on using lethal force?: If the situation requires a lethal action use it, if it does not non leathal and communicate with the thug Describe why YOU would be a good addition to the police force?: I know what it takes to be a good cop for the server and the community over all. What is your input on respect, loyalty, and rule enforcement?: Dont be talking shit about someone else when they are not pressnet Please provide name and a background story for your character applying to the police: (100 words minimum): Tell us a little about yourself! Carl, 20 år från örebro. AS A RECRUIT, YOU ARE UNDER PROBATION! THE FIRST BIG MESS-UP, IF YOU CANNOT EXPLAIN YOURSELF, YOU'RE GONE! Accepted cops will begin at the lowest rank of cadet and can be promoted by serving well and following the police rules (shown in game on the map menu). Increased rank will open new options and abilities. You must play as a cop until you reach the rank of Officer. DO NOT COME ON TEAMSPEAK AND BOTHER ADMINS/POLICE CHIEF ABOUT YOUR APPLICATION. DO NOT POST IN THE SHOUTBOX AND ASK US TO LOOK AT YOUR APPLICATION. YOU CAN SEE IF IT HAS BEEN WATCHED IN THE FORUM. FAILURE TO ABIDE BY THE FORMAT GIVEN AND RULES GIVEN WILL RESULT IN YOUR POST BEING DELETED.
  9. Haha inte tillräckligt bra för Admin? GRATTIS <3
  10. det är inte så svårt, det finns färdiga templates som du måste anpassa dig till för att det ska se bra ut ingame, bilden nedan är en hummingbird
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