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    • Added rule: Tempest Covered/Transport is not allowed during the event "purge", Tempest Covered/Transport is only allowed to use while farming, using this vehicle in an attempt like hunter/ifrit while not farming is bannable.
    • A.R.A Weapon Shop.

      After the Rebels were able to provide a safe location for weapons and gear (Rebel Armory Depot) they have now been able to also secure a pipeline which can provide them with regular shipments of weapons. 
      The process of finding a pipeline that can provide weapons in such amount that they also can afford selling some of it has been an on-going effort and hopefully, we can now provide weapons to civilians so they can bear arms against the corrupted government and take back Altis to what it used to be. Type of weapons and pricelist follows below:
        Vermin SMG - 150.000$
      AKS-47U - 250.000$
      TRG-21 - 350.000$
      Mk20C - 425.000$
      Car-95 - 750.000$
      Katiba Carbine - 1.000.000$

      All weapons except Vermin include RCO or MRCO and 10 mags.
      Vermin includes ACO Green and 10 mags.
    • Accepterad Kontakta mig på Ts för mer vidare information.
    • Patch 5.3.3   General Added: Insurance!! Added: Santa Gifts!! Added: New Jail + breakout script Fixed: Boosted rebel armory! Fixed: Sofia safezone now work! Fixed: Shipwreck Fixed: Viper backpack won't kick you anymore Police Added: New impound lot Fixed: Black night vision Fixed: Safezone in Kavala HQ Rebels Added: New spawn point in checkpoint Added: Rebels will now sell weapons! Fix: Rebels can now take gold bars from fed Medic ???   Kan ha missat något då jag slänger ihop denna lite snabbt!
    • Hej, jag skulle vilja se dig lite mer aktiv när servern är igång! Du är välkommen att göra en ny ansökan om 2 veckor!   Declined!